Uva Meridian Amusement Park Tickets 2023 Booking Online, Price & Timing

Uva Meridian Amusement Park Tickets 2023 Booking Online, Price & Timing: Uva Meridian Amusement Park is one of the finest water parks in Karnataka, Halady Road, and Koteshwara in Kondapur. It is the perfect place to visit with family and friends. As this Amusement Part is the new addition of Meridian Bay Resorts, which is Uva Meridian Amusement Park, where you can find many things such as a Rain dance, water slides, Splash pods, a Swimming Pool, a plunge pool, a café, landscaped area, Lockers for the safety of the things, feeding room for infants, Mini Train ide for children and many more this to do. To get complete details of Uva Meridian Amusement Park Tickets Booking, read the article carefully till the end.

About Uva Meridian Amusement Park Tickets Booking

As if you plan for a full day at this Amusement Park, you will fill very little because this park has lots of activities, and our full day also fills less. It is worth the money if you visit Uva Meridian, Amusement Park. As to having fun in the summer or winter holidays, Uva Meridian Amusement Park is the best option for holidays for family and friends. See here all the information related to Uva Meridian Amusement Park Tickets Booking Online, Price, And Timing in detail.

Uva Meridian Amusement Park Tickets Booking

Uva Meridian Amusement Park Tickets Booking – Highlights

Article About  Uva Meridian Amusement Park Tickets 2023 Booking Online, Price & Timing
Park Name Uva Amusement Park
Timings Monday-Sunday [10 am -5 pm]
Prices 580 per person [kids according to the height]
Food Not Included in the entry fee
Official Website

Procedure for Online Booking for Uva Amusement Park

Online booking is also available on the official website of Uva Amusement Park. You can also visit the official website, make a group booking, and do how many people you will visit in that water park. OnlineBook is the easiest way to book tickets because you can save time entering the amusement park.

Uva Amusement Park is where people can visit all seasons and enjoy all age groups. This Park is a perfect holiday place for weekends and weekdays also. It has an international standard amusement park, where you can enjoy the water park, and nice hotels to eat inside.

It has thrilling roller coaster rides, which include indoor and outdoor. In this Uva Amusement Park, kids and adults enjoy it a lot with all the different types of rides where you can enjoy the fullest. This Uva Amusement Park has many water rides that people will see for the first time. It has very new themes of water rides.

In this Uva Amusement Park, you can see a variety of water slides, such as a wave pool, a kiddies pool, and a family play station. There are all ages fun activities at this Uva Amusement Park, which offers aqua fun and a complete package of outdoor adventure.

Uva Amusement Park has adventure rides such as rock climbing, rocket, ziplining, bungee, Zorbing, archery, sky, and ground rope pumping experience. There are many activities for kids, including Tarzan Swing, Pirates Bridge, Spider Web, and Commando Crawl. This is the Uva Amusement Park where one goes in; it takes a lot of work to come out.

Uva Meridian Amusement Park Map

Uva Amusement Park has an excellent amp feature in mobile Android phones, which people can open anywhere and search for, and it opens fast without wasting time. You can see all the amusement park photos with clarity and easily book the tickets from that amp without wasting time.

About Uva Meridian Amusement Park

Uva Amusement Park has kept all the public interests in mind and created an Amusement Park where the guest is the priority of that amusement park. All these features made this Amusement park very popular Amusement Park.

They not only thought about kids and youngsters but also about all age groups where any aged people can enjoy the fullest. Because the whole family or full group enjoys the Amusement Park, then only they will revisit the park or can do the mouth publicity too.

In this Uva Meridian Amusement Park, they have kept all types of rides from simple to complicated or thrilling rides. Where the small children to grandparents too, young people can enjoy all types of rides where nobody comes out disheartened.

The location of Uva Meridian Park is also very easy to locate on Google Maps or understand because of its popularity. It has become very easy to reach that amusement park. This Amusement Park is very must-visit during vacation periods because families and friends have ample time to visit the amusement park again if they have missed any section of an amusement park.

Ticket Prices At UVA Meridian Amusement Park

This Uva Amusement Park is very well planned, where you can enjoy the water and all the thrilling rides. It has all one experience where you can enjoy rides, games, and other entertainment experiences. Uva Meridian Park has a unique experience for the guest who visits there, while the front entrance of the gate has a very eye catchy experience, and the guest is eager to get inside the park.

In this Uva Meridian Amusement Park, all the staff is very well trained and very polite, and the food facilities, like a hotel of all cuisine and the food stalls, are also available. Still, the food is not included in the entry tickets, and you must buy food with an extra penny.

Every season, they create something new entertainment attraction: the icing on the cake. There are sometimes live attractions where the guests are amazed by this entertainment. In some festive seasons, the entire park has a variety of entertainment, and the guest must decide which one to see.

Uva Meridian Park, it is a very big property to visit, so in each corner of the park, they have kept maps for the direction of where to visit and which is the nearest location to visit. In this Amusement Park, they have a Meet and Greet where in all the park puppets roam around with different characters and they greet guests, which very a unique feature of this Amusement Park.

So don’t waste any time visiting Karnataka; visit Uva Meridian, Amusement Park. It will be a lifetime experience to cherish the happy movements. Do visit the official website for more details and booking of the tickets and many more things.

FAQs About Uva Meridian Amusement Park

  • Where is this Uva Meridian Amusement Park Located? 
    Ans. It is in Karnataka in Kondapura, for more details, you can search on Google map as it is a famous amusement park.
  • What is the timing of the park?
    Ans. The time is 10 am -5 pm, but when you visit the park once, it is feasible to call the park and then visit it.

It is open every day.

Yes, it is open for all days, but for maintenance purposes, sometimes it may be closed too, so please do call and visit the park for not to cause any inconvenience to you and your family or friends.

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