Taj Mahal Ticket Price, Online Registration, Entry Time & Fee, How to get Free Tickets

Taj Mahal Ticket Price, Online Registration, Entry Time & Fee, How to get Free Tickets: With one peek at the Taj, you know you’re in for something out of this world. Even after more than 400 years, this breathtaking poem in white marble remains one of the most fascinating pieces of architecture ever known to mankind. When Rudyard Kipling characterized the Taj Mahal as “the embodiment of all things pure,” he reflected the romance, beauty, and glory of this masterpiece, which sparkled brilliantly on full moon nights and cast an evocative reflection in Yamuna’s quiet waters when the sun was high. For Rabindranath Tagore, the Taj Mahal was “a teardrop on the cheek of eternity,” and millions of tourists still find a reason to visit the Taj Mahal each year.

In this article, you have been provided with all the information related to Taj Mahal Ticket Prices and Online Registration. Read the article carefully till the end.

Taj Mahal Ticket Price, Online Registration

About Taj Mahal Ticket Booking, Entry Time/Fee

To view the Taj Mahal’s main mausoleum, an additional ticket costing Rs.200/- must be purchased in addition to the regular ticket. Along with that, you need to acknowledge some important factors before visiting this holy place:

  • There is no entry fee for minors under the age of 15. (both Indian & Foreigner)
  • The Taj Mahal is closed on Fridays.
  • Due to capping at the monuments, tourists are recommended to purchase tickets for all Agra monuments online at https://www.tajmahal.gov.in/ Also, all monuments, including the Taj Mahal, are managed by the Archaeological Survey of India, and all ticketing problems or complaints are handled by the custodian agency, the Archaeological Survey of India. As a result, please direct any such concerns to the Archaeological Survey of India. The U.P. Tourism Department is unconcerned and unable to help tourists with ticket issues. However, all other tourist information can be obtained from the Uttar Pradesh Tourism Department on the same website https://www.tajmahal.gov.in/, which is operated by the Uttar Pradesh Tourism Department.
  • Drone camera is strictly prohibited inside the Taj Mahal.
  • Tourists are advised to remain inside the monument as per the directions written on tickets or issued by ASI authorities
  • Tourists are required to possess government-issued identification.
  • A water bottle is permitted inside the monument. The Taj entry pass for foreigners includes a free shoe cover, water bottle, Agra tourism guide map, battery bus, and golf cart services.
  • Shoe racks are provided for free just below the main mausoleum.
  • Ticket windows and cloak areas are accessible at both Taj Mahal Gates.
  • To view the Tajmahal’s main mausoleum, an additional Rs.200/- the ticket must be purchased in addition to the regular ticket.

Taj Mahal Tickets are rated in the following Queue

Tourists from other countries
1100 + 200 extra for viewing the main mausoleum (Optional)
Residents of SAARC and BIMSTEC member countries
540 + 200 extra for viewing the main mausoleum (Optional)
Domestic/Indian/OCI Cardholder
50 + 200 Additional for visiting the main mausoleum (Optional)

Procedure Taj Mahal Ticket Online Registration

  • Visit the main website at https://asi.payumoney.com/. When you click the Book Now button at the top,
  • Select Taj Mahal under Monuments – Now what you need to do next is select the Taj Mahal under Monuments.
  • Select the options & timings
  • Under Cart > Select the option most suitable to your needs: Taj Mahal Only, Taj Mahal with Mausoleum.
  • Select Visit Date, Note Friday Taj Mahal remains closed
  • Select the Visit Time, the time slot most suitable to you.
  • Choose your nationality and view the entry cost: Page 2 is dedicated to nationalities. Choose the appropriate country for you.

Indian Foreigner SAARC BIMSTEC are the following Options

  • Enter Your Information
  • Now, under your details, enter the essential information: Age, Gender, Name, ID (optional), and Number of ids (optional).
  • Finally, enter your email address and pay. Enter your email address, where the ticket will be sent, and click the Next button to complete the purchase! There are several payment methods available:

Credit cards, debit cards, net banking, and UPI are all options. You can choose from the following Credit Cards: MasterCard, Visa, The American Express Company, Diner’s Club Rupay, And you’re finished!

How to get Free Entry without a Ticket in the Taj Mahal

If you want to tour the Taj Mahal in India, you must pay an entrance fee. Only minors under the age of 15 are exempt from the entry fee. There are different entry fees for Indian Nations, BIMSTEC, and SAARC countries, as well as other countries’ citizens. For foreign nations, a unique privilege of express entry by different lines is kept, and shoe covers and battery car transportation are included in the price.

These are questions such as when you can tour the Taj Mahal for free. Normally, you can access the Taj Mahal from sunrise to sunset after purchasing tickets online or in person. You can easily purchase Taj Mahal tickets to avoid the hassle of waiting in line. You can view the Taj Mahal without paying a peony on certain days of the year. Those interested in history can schedule a trip to the Taj Mahal on the days listed below:

  • Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav – 15th August 2023
  • Urs of Emperor Shahjahan: – The Urs of Shahjahan is celebrated with much pomp and show annually on the 25, 26, and 27 of Rajab. 
  • International Women’s Day – 8th March
  • EID Al Fitr
  • 18th April’2023 World Heritage Day
  • 22nd April’2023 Eid-Ul fitr

Traveling Taj Mahal is literally a soul Satisfying experience, and most definitely one should experience this holy palace of love and purity at least once in its life.

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