Surapura Dada Bholad Online Booking, Price, Contact Number, Timing, Link Download

Surapura Dada Bholad Online Booking, Price, Contact Number, Timing, Link Download: Dada Surapura, the town of Bholad in the Indian state of Gujarat is home to the Hindu temple known as Bholad Dham. It is dedicated to Surapura Dada, a deity who is seen as a manifestation of Lord Shiva. The temple, one of the most revered sites of devotion in the area, draws a sizable following all year long. The intriguing history of the cathedral spans many centuries.

A disciple by the name of Haraji is said to have constructed the temple after getting instructions from Surapura Dada in a vision. The temple was rapidly used as a place of worship by residents of Bholad and the neighboring areas when Haraji started building right away. Read the article carefully till the end to get complete details related to Surapura Dada Bholad Online Booking, Price, Contact Number, Timing, and Link Download.

About Surapura Dada Bholad Online Booking, Price

To accommodate the expanding number of devotees, the temple has undergone a lot of changes throughout the years. With stunning architecture and exquisite sculptures, it has developed into a spectacular building. The temple features a sizable courtyard where followers can congregate and pray to the deity. Surapura Dada, the temple’s primary deity, is revered as a strong deity who can grant wishes and provide advantages. To get his blessings for achievement, wealth, and good health, a large number of believers swarm the temple. 

The temple, which is a hub of devotion, spirituality, and cultural heritage, celebrates several religious ceremonies and festivals throughout the year, including Maha Shivaratri. Visitors attending the temple are supposed to follow specific guidelines, such as wearing modestly and acting respectfully. If you want to have a particular event or ceremony in the temple, it is advisable that you get in touch with the management in advance to discuss the specifics and request guidance. Check out the complete details of Surapura Dada Bholad Online Booking, and Price here.

Surapura Dada Bholad Online Booking

Surapura Dada Bholad Online Booking, Price, Timing – Link Download

Article about
  • Surapura Dada Bholad Online Booking
  • SDB Price, Contact Number, Timing, Link Download
Name Surapira Dham Bholad
State  Gujarat
Contact +91-2696-240463
Time  6 AM to 9 PM
Official Website
FAQs Mentioned below

Booking for Surapura Dada Bholad

Regular darshans (viewing the deity) and impromptu visits are not subject to reservations at Surapura Dada Bholad Dham because it is a temple. Devotees are welcome to enter the shrine and offer prayers whenever it is open. However, if you intend to visit the temple during a festival or other special event, it is advised to check the events and timings in advance and plan your visit accordingly. When this occurs, there may be a large number of devotees at the temple, thus it’s important to arrive early to avoid standing in lines.

If you want to have a ceremony or special event in the temple, you must speak with the management beforehand to discuss your ideas and seek their guidance. Officials at the temple can provide information on priest availability, requirements for ceremonies, and any special instructions that must be followed. 

All followers may usually reach Surapura Dada Bholad Dham, and regular trips don’t need reservations or special permission. The temple, which invites visitors from all walks of life, is a symbol of India’s religious and cultural past. 

Timings of Surapura Dham Bholad

Depending on the day and season, Surapura Dada Bholad Dham’s hours may change. The temple is normally open from early morning till late at night. The temple’s estimated hours are as follows:


  • The temple opens around 6:00 or 7:00 in the morning.
  • Viewing of the god, or darshan, is possible till noon.


  • Typically, the temple shutters for a noon break between 12:00 and 4:00.


  • Return to the temple is at approximately 4:00 p.m.
  • Darshan is once more accessible till about 8:00 or 9:00 p.m.

Prior to visiting, it is always advisable to confirm the temple’s hours because they may change on special occasions or during festivals. It’s also crucial to keep in mind that some rites or ceremonies might only take place at particular times, so tourists might want to arrange their trip properly if they wish to take part.

Address and Contact details


Surapura Dada Bholad Dham
Bholad, Taluka: Borsad,
District: Anand, Gujarat, India
Pin Code: 388350

Contact Number:- (+91) 2696-240463

If you need to contact the temple for any reason, such as to find out more about festivals or other special events, call the number given. If you want to have a specific ceremony or event at the temple, it is also advisable to get in touch with the temporal authorities beforehand and ask for their guidance. They can provide you with the knowledge you need and help you put the necessary plans together. 

 Surapura Dada Bholad Dham, a well-known temple in the region, receives a considerable number of pilgrims every year. It represents the fervent religious beliefs of the Indian community as a place of worship, spirituality, and cultural history.

FAQs About Surapura Dada Bholad Dham Online Booking, Price

a) How do you define Surapura Dada Bholad Dham?  
Ans. Dada Surapura Hindu temple known as Bholad Dham is situated in Bholad, Gujarat, India. It is devoted to Surapura Dada, a god who is said to be a form of Lord Shiva.

b) At what hours is the temple open? 
Ans. Normally, the temple is open from early in the morning till late at night. Depending on the day and the season, different timings may apply. Before visiting the temple, visitors are recommended to confirm the hour.

c) Is a reservation required in order to visit the temple? 
Ans. No, prior reservations are not necessary for frequent temple visits. During open hours, anybody can visit the temple and offer prayers.

d) Are there any notable occasions or holidays celebrated in the temple? 
Ans. Yes, Surapura Dada Bholad Dham hosts a number of religious services and festivals all year long. Maha Shivaratri, a festival honoring Lord Shiva, is among the most significant ones observed in the temple.

e) Is the temple accessible to all visitors? 
Ans. Yes, everyone is welcome to visit the temple, regardless of caste or religion. The leaders of the temple provide a warm welcome to guests from all backgrounds and promote equality and harmony.

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