10+ Short Motivational Stories for Students/ Kids in English [Updated 2023]

10+ Short Motivational Stories for Students/ Kids in English [Updated 2023]: To begin with, a special thanks to our regular viewers to read our articles attentively. Furthermore, keep reading all the out articles as well. Similarly, in this post, you will read about 10+ Short Motivational Stories for Students/ Kids in English and the moral of the story. Of course, if kids lose motivation for their studies or sports or athletics or whenever they lose motivation, we should tell them an uplifting or motivating narrative to motivate them.

10+ Short Motivational Stories for Students/ Kids in English [Updated 2023]

Overview – Short Motivational Stories in English

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10+ Short Motivational Stories for Students/ Kids in English

1. An Eagle With A Hen:

Particularly, the eagle’s egg was blown down by a powerful wind and landed among the hen’s eggs, releasing a young eagle. As a result, the eagle’s youngster developed using the hen’s techniques and thought of himself as a chicken. In fact, he noticed other birds ascending to the skies’ highest points and asked his mother why they were unable to soar. In brief, this narrative teaches us that we must work hard and think positively to achieve success.

2. A Decent Person In Life:

Although, the most important idea is that we should surround ourselves with kind and supportive friends in order to be decent people in life. They can help us to believe in ourselves and pursue our dreams, and to discover pleasure within ourselves indeed.

3. Never Give Up:

However, the narrator experienced a difficult day with an exam and a boss who was on their case. In contrast, their dog was waiting for them with his tail wagging. Meanwhile,  the narrator realized that no matter how well they perform in class or at work, their friends and family still love them. Generally, they had the motivation to finish the day strong.

4. Dealing With the Problem:

Although, the speaker is an 18-year-old who received a cancer diagnosis and was told he had only a few months left to live. In fact, he decided to fight back and underwent chemotherapy and radiation therapy, and miraculously, he survived. Earlier, he graduated from college debt-free and started his own business, which has since become successful. In brief, the speaker encourages readers to never give up and to keep fighting until they find hope and happiness.

5. Ability to Intend:

In fact, the best guidance I ever received was from Dr. Wayne Dyer’s book, The Power of Intention. Particularly, I learned from it that I would never succeed if I didn’t have a clear intention. I put the ideas into practice in my own life, and a few months later I had my dream job accordingly. Never give up on your goals, and never listen to those who say you can’t accomplish them indeed.

6. Story of Two Villages:

Particularly, two villages, Vijayanagar and Sangrampur, had a pond with clean and sweet water. For this purpose, one day, the people of both villages wanted to assert their rights over the pond. In this case, the head of both villages went to a monk and asked him which one of them would win. In short, the monk said that the people of Vijay Nagar would win, but the people of Sangrampur won. In brief, this story tells us not to be overconfident and to face trouble firmly.

7. Act of Kindness:

Particularly, Phillip was walking home from work on a dark and stormy night when he saw a light in the distance coming from a house on the side of the road. Although, he walked up to the door and asked if he could come in and warm up for a bit. In brief, the woman was older and had wrinkles around her eyes and grey hair pulled back into a bun. Meanwhile, she hesitated for a moment, then let Phillip in. At the same time, the woman led Phillip into a small sitting room and gave him a cup of steaming tea.

However, she then asked him about his job at the grocery store and how he usually walked home because it was cheaper than taking public transportation. Lastly, she then asked him if it was safe for him to be out walking on a stormy night, and he thanked her for her kindness. Therefore, she then closed the door behind him and went back inside her house, which had felt like a haven of warmth and safety during the stormy night.

8. The Story of Rabbit & Turtle:

Particularly, the story is about a rabbit and a turtle who compete in a race competition. In fact, the rabbit is proud of its speed, while the turtle is slow to walk. For this reason,  the rabbit goes to sleep in a nearby tree, but the turtle keeps moving forward.

When the rabbit wakes up, he finds the turtle still behind him accordingly. In brief, this story teaches us that losing or winning does not matter, but participation matters.

9. Swami Vivekananda and The Monkey:

In fact, Swami Vivekananda’s story teaches us that we should never run away from trouble, but rather face it firmly. In the meantime, the monkey came as a problem to Swami Vivekananda. But when he stopped and confronted him firmly, all the monkeys fled.

In brief, this story teaches us that we should never run away from trouble. As if we run away, our troubles will only increase.

10. On-Time:

Particularly, the story is about a child who used to run away from his studies and never sat down to read.  Meanwhile, one day, he saw that he had to read a lot and closed his book, thinking he would study later. Later, after failing an examination, he decided to do his studies on time and never postpone them. In brief, this story highlights the importance of studying on time and not leaving our studies for further.

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