S Cube Water Park Ticket Booking Online, Entry Price, Timing & Location

S Cube Water Park Ticket Booking Online, Entry Price, Timing & Location: We all know summer is approaching. So many people are looking for a great place to enjoy their vacation. Most people look for water parks. So today we bring you information about S-Cube Waterpark 2023, online ticket booking, schedule, and location. Enjoy a fun summer weekend at the water park.

About S Cube Water Park Ticket Booking Online

The S-Cube Water Park and Gujarat Funworld are one of the most well-liked family attractions in the city and are situated about 25 km from the Vadodara city center. The third-largest city in Gujarat, Vadodara, is renowned for serving as both a hub of educational pursuits and the state’s cultural capital. Vadapradaka, which translates to mean a village surrounded by banyan trees, was Vadodara’s previous name.

The park has 16 incredible rides and attractions of all sizes. The park’s grounds are covered in thrilling rides, family slides, and kiddie pools. The S-Cube Waterpark is one of the best tourist destinations to visit in Vadodara. It was designed mostly with visitors’ requirements and preferences in mind. Additionally, the park has a Food Island and a number of gaming spaces. Check here all the details of S Cube Water Park Ticket Booking Online, Entry Price, Timing & Location.

S Cube Water Park Ticket Booking

S Cube Water Park Ticket Booking, Entry Price, Timing & Location- Highlights

Article About S Cube Water Park Ticket Booking Online, Entry Price, Timing & Location
Place S Cube Water Park
Location  Ajwa, OPP. VRINDAVAN GARDEN, Vadodara, Gujarat 391510
Timing 10:30 AM to 6:00 PM on all days of the week.
Entry Fee Rs 550
Best Tie to Visit The warmest months, from April to August, are the best for visiting S-Cube Waterpark because the weather is comfortable for the water rides.
Official Website  https://www.s-cubewaterpark.com/

Special Rides at S Cube Water Park

Water Parks, Amusement Parks for all ages, food islands, conference halls, walkways, and lawns are all spread around these breathtaking surfaces. A location that combines a workshop and a water park, business, and recreational activities, dining and meetings, shows and performances, and rides and reviews. Along with a sizable wave pool and a tranquil family pool, there is also Cyclone Bowl, Boomerang, Reverse Splash, Double Screamer, Lemon Sweep, and the Blue Ripple.

Important Details About S Cube Water Park

The park is a great place to let out your inner thrill addict because of how vibrant everything is around you. It also has water slides that will have you screaming for more.  the place also features a play section with kid-friendly rides including a pirate ship swing, a toy train, a miniature roller coaster, a boating area, and a “striking car” karting area where your kids can have fun without worrying about the deep end of the pool.

There is also a food island there with a variety of little stalls and restaurants selling delectable Indian snacks and dishes. Along with a room that serves as an entertainment hub, conference hall, meeting space, and performance venue, the picture is completed by the well-kept and gorgeously designed garden area.

Traveling Tips for S Cube Water Park

  • Bring your own swimwear, a change of clothes, and any other essentials you might need, such as a towel, body wash, and sunscreen.
  • Entry is free for children under 2.5 feet tall.
  • Children who are taller than 2.5 feet will be charged the full amount.

Things you should know before doing activities

  • Wearing nylon or lycra is advised while participating in this exercise.
  • Rentable swimming gear is available.
  • Adult rides are not appropriate for children.
  • Avoid consuming large meals or alcoholic beverages before your activity.
  • Keep the area tidy and practice good hygiene.

S Cube Water Park Ticket Price

If you want to relax this summer, S-Cube Waterpark is the best choice. First, you need to book tickets for this water park. Therefore, you should know the ticket price. The cost of the tickets is reasonable for the fantastic time you will have. Tickets are available for the water park and the amusement park separately as well as in a combo package.

  • Tickets on Sunday at  Cube Water Park: 500 INR per person.
  • Entry Tickets to Gujarat Funworld: 200 INR per person.
  • Combined ticket for Park and Funworld: 600 INR per person.

S Cube Water Park Timing & Location


  • General water park opening hours: Open daily from 10:30 am to 6:00 pm
  • Fun World Park opening hours: Daily from 1 pm to 7 pm


Located just 15 km away from Ahmedabad-Mumbai Highway.
Gujarat Fun World is just opposite the famous Vrindavan Garden, Ajwa.

S-CUBE Water Park
Opp. Vrindavan Garden, Ajwa,
Vadodara, Guajarat, India

FAQs About S Cube Water Park Online Ticket Booking, And Entry Price

Q. How is S Cube Water Park’s security maintained?
Ans. The S Cube Water Park ensures safety by offering the necessary safety gear.

Q. What is the duration of the activity?
Ans. The duration of the activity takes up to half a day.

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