Patanjali Yog Gram Registration 2023, Booking Availability, Fees & Timing

Patanjali Yog Gram Registration 2023 Booking Online, Availability, Fee & Timing: Let us tell you that Patanjali Yog Gram center is open to all who want to get treatment. Patanjali provides you with many kinds of services to reduce or eliminate the effect of diseases. The website is available online at “” to get all kinds of facilities. You can access it online. All you have to complete the Patanjali Yog Gram Registration Online to get treatment. This is the simple way to visit the Yog Gram center. In this post, you will see how you can booking or registration process with complete information step by step. Read this post if you wish to go.

About Patanjali Yog Gram Booking Online 2023 is a wellness center located in Haridwar, Uttarakhand. As the name suggests that this center is basically designed on the ethics of Indian culture and the treatment you will get is totally Ayurvedic. You will feel comfortable after the therapy. There are lots of therapy to treat your disease. Therapies will be given by professionals.

As we told you earlier that Patanjali Yog Gram center is situated in Uttrakhand-Haridwar by the Swami Ramdev. The base of this center is presented by the Shri B.C Khaunduri on the 8th of June 2008. But the center is run under the guidance of Swami Ramdev Maharaj and Acharya Balkrishna. In the below table, check the key highlights of Patanjali Yog Gram Registration 2023 along with Booking Availability, Fees & Timing details.

Patanjali Yog Gram Registration 2023, Booking Availability, Fees & Timing

Here you can find health packages, treatment diseases, and accommodation and book your visiting days on the official website. All the treatments are based on Yoga, Naturopathi, harmless herbs, and acupressure. As we can see in our surrounding how people are having health issues. They take medicine but there is no use for medicines. Patanjali Wellness Center will really help you to treat your disease.

Patanjali Wellness Center Online Registration – Highlights

Post Title Patanjali Yog Gram Registration 2023
Name of Center Yogpeeth- Patanjali Wellness Center
Started By Shri B.C Khaunduri
Run By Swami Ramdevji Maharaj and Acharya Balkrishnaji
Organization Patanjali
State Haridwar, Uttrakhand
Objective To Provide good physical, mental, and spiritual health to people who are suffering from incurable diseases.
Booking Availability April-May 2023
Fees & Timing Available Below
Online Registration Click Here
Official website

Guidelines for Patanjali Yogpeeth “Yog Gram” Registration

Some rules and regulations need to be followed by visitors at Patanjali Wellness Center. The following points are important to know as a patient.

  1. You will be checked at the center when you visit the first time.
  2. Also, you will get a specific scheduled time for the treatment.
  3. Outside food is not allowed to eat at the wellness center.
  4. You are supposed to follow a diet chart that is prepared by the physicians and doctors.
  5. Although, you are not allowed to make the room dirty. So you have to keep the environment clean.
  6. Some items are prohibited such as Non-Veg, Egg, Alcohol, Pan Masala, Tobacco, Gutkha, Narcotics, Smoking, and all such intoxications.
  7. You are not supposed to pluck flowers and leaves, and not tease any bird, animal, reptile, or insect.
  8. No one is allowed to take bath inside the lake.
  9. If you misbehave at Patanjali Yogpeeth then you got dismissed from the center without a refund.

Patanjali Yogpeeth Available Services

The services of Patanjali Yogpeeth will amaze you and this service will push you to apply at this center.

Below we have mentioned the list of available services provided to health seekers. Along with that, we have also mentioned the Per Day Charges of Patanjali Yog Gram;

  • Residential facilities like room, electricity, water, etc
  • High-facilitated treatment facilities
  • Adventures things like Horse Riding
  • Entertainment facilities like boating, library, etc
  • Herbal Production Centre
  • Laundry, etc.

Patanjali Yogpeeth “Wellness Center” Per Day Charges

Room Charges Charges Per Day Doctor Fees
Rajrishi Cottage ₹7,500/- ₹300/-
Muniraj Cottage ₹7,000/- ₹300/-
Maharishi Cottage ₹6,000/- ₹300/-
Tapasvi Cottage ₹5,000/- ₹300/-
Nisarg Cottage ₹5,000/- ₹300/-

Procedure for Patanjali Yog Gram Booking Online

If you want to book your space at Patanjali Yog Gram 2023 then you need to apply these points. The following points are:-

  1. Patanjali has an official website for the booking process at
  2. This link redirects you to the web homepage.
  3. Here, you may find the “Registration” button. Click on this button.
  4. Then click on Apply button and fill out the application form.
  5. After the registration, the Patanjali team will give you a username and password to login in within 48 hours.
  6. Then, log in as a patient at the official website.
  7. Now check accommodation and availability.
  8. Now complete the online payment process for booking.
  9. After the payment, you will get confirmation details.
  10. These are the steps for online booking.

Patanjali Yog Gram Booking Availability – Contact Details

All the shared information is derived from the official website. If you are struggling with the booking process then you may contact the given details.

  • Booking Availability:- Check Here
  • Contact Number:- 89546-66222 / 89548-90120
  • Email Id:- [email protected]

You can read feedback from a customer who has visited Patanjali Wellness Center so that you can estimate how it is creating an impact in people’s life. If you are having a disease then you can heal it in the wellness center.

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    My husband age 68 is suffering frm CKD, heart problem and BP problem. Wish to get proper treatment and get back to normalcy with treatment and guidance from Baba Ramdev ji.

  3. Sir, I am(63) suffering from breathing problems and left knee problem. My wife(59) suffering from thyoride (2yrs) &high bp (25 yrs) &joints pain. Kindly advice.

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    I am 21yrs and my weight is 84kg . How I can reduce my weight? How much l have to pay for joining at Yogpeeth Haridwar Uttarakhand under kind supervision of Baba Ramdev ji.

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    I was operated in 2012 1st time and taken 21 radiotherapy
    Now 2nd time I was operated in September 2022 and taken 30 radiotherapy
    Again 5 April again Degease recurrence on tongue
    I want meet baba to consult

  6. I am 53 yrs and my weight is 90kg . How I can reduce my weight? How much l have to pay for joining at Yogpeeth Haridwar Uttarakhand under kind supervision of Baba Ramdev ji.

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