NPSC AHM/ JEO Syllabus 2023 PDF Download & Exam Pattern

NPSC AHM/ JEO Syllabus 2023 PDF Download & Exam Pattern When Nagaland state was founded under the Indian constitution in 1965, the foundation of NPSC was considered. The commission, which was initially led by a chairman and two members, was subsequently authorized to function with two more members in 1985. Understanding the examination structure is essential for thoroughly preparing for the NPSC AHM/JEO exam. The test consists of two papers: Paper I, which focuses on general knowledge, and Paper II, which is subject-specific. Candidates must study diligently, practice prior exam papers, and manage their time properly. The exam format includes objective and descriptive exams covering themes such as broad English, general knowledge, mathematics, and professional education.

Visit the official website, complete the registration process, and fill out the NPSC AHM/JEO Online Request Form. In this article, all the information about NPSC AHM / JEO Syllabus 2023 PDF Download, and Exam Pattern has been provided in detail. So stay with the article till the end.

About PSC AHM / JEO Syllabus 2023 PDF

Candidates must comprehend the exam format, prepare attentively, and manage their time efficiently. The curriculum is available online at the official NPSC website. This article revolves around the exam pattern and syllabus, furthermore, frequently asked questions about the exams are attached in the end. Stay tuned with the article till the end to get all the detailed information on PSC AHM / JEO Syllabus 2023 PDF, And Exam Pattern.

NPSC AHM / JEO Syllabus

Highlights – NPSC AHM/ JEO Syllabus 2023 PDF

Article About NPSC AHM/ JEO Syllabus 2023 PDF Download & Exam Pattern
Exam name NPSC
State Nagaland
Year 2023
Category Education
Official website
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When Nagaland state was founded under the Indian constitution in 1965, the formation of NPSC was considered. The panel was once led by a chairman and two members. The commission was granted authorization to function with two extra members in 1985.

To adequately prepare for the NPSC AHM/JEO exam, it is important to understand the examination structure. There are two papers in the test: paper 1 and paper 2.

  • A general knowledge test, Paper 1 covers geography, history, current events, and culture.
  • Paper 2 is a subject-specific test focused on the candidate’s topic of interest.

Both exams consist of multiple-choice questions and are worth a combined 200 points. Candidates have a two-hour window in which to finish each paper. It is important to note that negative marking is used in the test, thus it is critical to answer only the questions about which you are certain.

It is suggested to extensively read and rehearse previous years’ exam questions to acquire accustomed to the question types before taking the NPSC AHM/JEO test. Additionally, effective time management is essential for passing the test, so candidates should allocate their time properly between the two portions.

NPSC AHM/ JEO Exam Pattern

Understanding the test structure is critical to maximizing your study time and increasing your chances of passing the NPSC AHM/JEO exam. The test is divided into two parts: Paper I and Paper II. An objective type test is used in Paper I to assess general English, general knowledge, and mathematics comprehension. It has 100 multiple-choice questions, each earning 100 points. Paper II, on the other hand, is a descriptive-style test that assesses writing precision, essay writing, and comprehension abilities. There are three sections totaling 100 points. To properly manage time and prepare for the exam, candidates must become acquainted with the NPSC AHM/JEO Exam Pattern 2023, as well as the curriculum.

The NPSC AHM/JEO test is divided into three sections: Paper I, Paper II, and Paper III.

  • Paper I focuses on General Knowledge and General English, including essay writing, precise writing, grammar, and themes such as the Indian Constitution, the Right to Education Act of 2009, and the National Education Policy.
  • Paper II is devoted to Professional Education and covers a wide range of topics including educational foundations, management and administration, contemporary trends and concerns in education, teaching-learning processes, and the role of a professional teacher.
  • Fundamental Rules, Service Rules, and Office Procedures are covered in Paper III. It addresses issues such as office processes, government servant behavior and appeal regulations, financial rules, and government accounting and audit. The total number of marks for the exam is 170, which includes subjective and objective questions.

Procedure To Check the Syllabus Online

  • Navigate to the NPSC’s official website,
  • Register on the website with your credentials and personal information.
  • Log in to your account using the credentials you supplied when you registered.
  • Fill out the NPSC AHM/JEO Online Request Form, making sure to include all needed details.
  • Pay the requested fee as mentioned on the webpage.
  • Upload any relevant papers, such as identity or educational certificates.
  • Finally, press the “Submit” or “Save” button to finish the procedure.

FAQs About NPSC AHM/ JEO Syllabus 2023

a) What is the number of papers in the NPSC AHM/JEO exam?
Ans. The NPSC AHM/JEO test is divided into two parts: Paper I and Paper II.

b) What topics will be addressed in Paper I?
Ans. Paper I includes topics including General English, General Knowledge, and Mathematics.

c) What is the Paper I format?
Ans. Paper I is an objective-type test with 100 multiple-choice questions for 100 points.

d) What subjects are covered in Paper II?
Ans. Paper II emphasizes precise writing, essay writing, and comprehension.

e) Paper II contains how many sections?
Ans. Paper II is divided into three sections, each worth 100 points.

f) What should I study for the NPSC AHM/JEO exam?
Ans. It is recommended that you study extensively and practice previous years’ question papers. Time management is also important, so divide your time between the two areas effectively.

g) Where can I get the NPSC AHM/JEO curriculum on the Internet?
Ans. You may view the NPSC AHM/JEO curriculum online at, the NPSC’s official website.

h) What is the overall score for the NPSC AHM/JEO exam?
Ans. The test has 170 total marks, which include both subjective and objective questions.

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