News24 Kaalchakra Pandit Suresh Pandey Contact Number, Address And Email ID

News24 Kaalchakra Pandit Suresh Pandey Contact Number: Pandit Suresh Pandey is India’s leading, well-known gemologist and astrologer. His show aired on News 24 every day in the morning. People wait for his performance, in which Pandit Suresh Pandey discusses the difficulties of life with Panditji to make their life pleased through fortune-telling and gemology. This program is aired by the term ‘Aaj ka Kaalchankra with Pandit Suresh Pandey’. Stay tuned to the article to get all the details of News24 Kaalchakra Pandit Suresh Pandey’s Contact Number.

Kaalchakra Pandit Suresh Pandey Contact Number

In this show, people ask for a Horoscopic explanation of glitches in their life. Pandit Suresh Pandey tells the answer to people’s difficulties through his Horoscopic calculations. The description is given to the people through zodiacal calculation. Many people find the solution to the unfathomable problems in their life. This is how Pandit Suresh Pandey became India’s most excellent famed astrologer.


So many people have so many queries in their thoughts. So many people want to communicate straight with the astrologer Pandit Suresh Pandey. People want to interact with him unswervingly. They want to discuss their difficulties with him. But spectators cannot communicate with him. They only listen to him on the News 24 Kaalchakra show. This article will teach you about the show particulars, communication, and Pandit Suresh Pandey’s WhatsApp numbers and email ID. Concerned people who want to contact him for the contact particulars may go through the article.

News24 Kaalchakra Pt. Suresh Pandey Contact Number: Key Details

Host of the Show Pandit Suresh Pandey
Timing of the show   Everyday Morning at 8.50 AM
Name of the Program Today’s Kaalchakra with Pandit Suresh Pandey
From the Studio News 24 Head office- New Delhi
Purpose of the show Astrological Help for The People All over the World
Duration of the Show 1 Hour Everyday
Customer care number (+91) 22 4001 9000
Official URL of the Show

Aaj ka Kaalchankra with Pt. Suresh Pandey

So many people like to watch the show Kaalchakra on News 24. It is a very renowned show among audiences. The show is aired on the News 24 news channel. On News 24, there are also numerous very prevalent shows. News 24 Kaalchakra show is based on the fortune-telling show. In India, people can watch this show in the Hindi Language. The head office of the show creators is in New Delhi.

Some so many individuals have so many queries in their minds. So many people want to communicate straight with the astrologer Pandit Suresh Pandey. The Public wants to interact with him directly. They want to discuss their difficulties with them. But spectators need help to contact him.

About Pandit Suresh Pandey

Kalachakra Pandit Suresh Pandey is one of India’s finest astrologers who explain glitches through his zodiacal calculations. The show aired on News 24 every morning at 8:50 a.m. The span of the show is 1 hour. You can enquire about an answer to your delinquent life on TV. Panditji gives precise resolutions for your hitches astrologically with the aid of your Janam Kundali live in the show. Janam Kundaly plays an essential role in fortune-telling. A maximum astrologer analyses an individual’s future after decoding his nakshatra from the Janam Kundali. Pandit Suresh Pandey is a gemologist too. He also recommends the Ratna for people to resolve their glitches by wearing the Ratna on the specific fingers of the foot, hand, neck, and other body parts.

Contact details of Kaalchakra Pandit Suresh Pandey

Now and then in our lives, we suffer from many bad conditions, and we do not find the correct way to escape those corrupt circumstances. Then we believe these conditions are occurring because of our bad luck. In India, fortune-telling comes forward to solve problems. That is why we look for a respectable astrologer. Pandit Suresh Pandey of the News 24 Kalachakra show is a well-known astrologer in India. That is why people want to interact with him about their difficulties. With the support of the Horoscopic calculation of your nakshatra, Pandit Ji gives you the finest way to get free from those difficulties.

The contact details are as follows:-

  • Contact Number Official– (+91) 99686-85222
  • Email-ID-[email protected]
  • Authorized

Address and WhatsApp number of Kaalchakra Pandit Suresh Pandey:-

  • Address- 37/8, East Patel Nagar, Basement, New Delhi, 110008
  • Phone number- 98685-81299
  • WhatsApp number- 98734-81323

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