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On November 19, 2022, Mr. Narendra Damodar Das Modi, the Prime Minister of India, officially opened the NCC Alumni Association. Rashtra Raksha Sampan Parv Day is another name for this day. In Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh, the government will issue a statement regarding this association. The National Cadet Corps is the full name of NCC. This is a group that is freely accessible in all public senior secondary schools and colleges. The NCC’s major goal is to instill discipline and a higher quality of living in all cadets.

This NCC Alumni Association was founded by the Indian government with a fantastic team of experts from many fields. People from the armed forces, Indian politicians, businesspeople, experts in the arts and cultures, academics, and bureaucrats all fall under this affiliation. All students who have joined NCC at their school or in their college can simply get involved in building the country. They must all carry out their obligations to serve their respective Nations. This institution’s main goal is to achieve this.

NCC Alumni Association Registration

The fundamental goal of the NCC Alumni Organisation’s reconstruction is to establish a platform where all former NCC Cadets can join the association. We will give you complete information about the NCC Alumni Association Online Registration 2023 through this page. We will also outline the quick procedures for signing up for this association. Please attentively read this article from beginning to conclusion in order to gather all pertinent information.

Overview Of NCC Alumni Association Registration 2023- Cadets Login;

Name of the Topic NCC Alumni Association Online Registration
Initiated By Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi
Date of Portal Launch 19th December 2021
Major Benefits To Connect Old NCC Cadent at one single Portal
Fee for Taking Membership 100 Rs
Official Website Portal

Major Benefits and Advantages of the NCC Alumni Association

  1. Any registered member can now attend any of the events that NCCAA has planned, which is by far the biggest benefit. Additionally, they may participate in a variety of activities at the institution’s exclusive discretion.
  2. The primary goal of founding this NCC Alumni Association is to meet the numerous demands of both former and current cadets.
  3. This organization will also endeavor to further NCC objectives and will make an effort to inspire NCC cadets to contribute to nation-building.
  4. This NCC Alumni Association was founded by Indian Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. He signed up as the organization’s first participant himself.
  5. The prime minister of India is a former NCC cadet as well.
  6. All NCC cadets are qualified to register online as an indef member at the official website portal under this scheme.

The Types of Membership Cadets Login

The Life Members This membership is available to all former NCC cadets. This disqualifies all cadets who have been expelled for engaging in unruly behavior.
All Associate Members All officers, PI Staff members posted in NCC headquarters’ units, and those who served their country the previous year are eligible to join as associate members under this category.
Honorary Membership This membership is extended to all Honorary members as well as individuals that excel in their fields.

NCCAA Registration Fee

For joining the NCC Alumni Association, the government has imposed a one-time registration cost. This is only one hundred rupees. Now, all parties involved can pay the registration fee using both online and physical resources. As soon as the department accepts your membership, you will receive a special membership number that will only be given once.

Joining the NCC Alumni Association Registration Form at

  1. The cadets must access the NCC Alumni Association’s official online page in order to register themselves as new alumni. It is located at
  2. You need to click the New Alumni registration option on the homepage. As a result, a new page will show up on your screen.
  3. The Cadets can conveniently continue the NCC Alumni Association Registration 2022-2023 procedure from this page.
  4. You must first provide your basic information and NCC information.
  5. You must also upload a picture that is less than 2 MB in size.
  6. You must select the time in NCC in the following form, along with the day, month, and year.
  7. You then need to select a membership category. In this area, you can choose between a life membership and an associate membership. Please choose according to your preferences.
  8. The NCC number section follows. Your NCC number must be entered in this field.
  9. Please enter your first and last names now. Please then move to the NCC details.
  10. There, you must choose a common type. You must choose from the JD, JW, SD, and SW options.
  11. The next step is to choose HQ DGNCC/state directorate.
  12. Include the name of your college or university as well.
  13. You must now provide the NCC certificate number, the B certificate number, and the C certificate number.
  14. Your performance in NCC is covered in the next section. Please briefly describe your accomplishment in the space provided.
  15. Day camps, Navsena camps, youth exchange programs, Thala Sena camps, and Vayu Sena camps are examples of summer camps.
  16. Once you’ve completed the required fields, click the save button and then the next button.

NCC Alumni New Registration

  • Email addresses and contact information are on the next page.
  • Your phone number and email address must be entered. Please use an OTP to confirm your mobile phone number and email address.
  • After confirming your information, you must fill out your current address information, including the address lines 1, 2, the name of the state, the name of the country, the pin code, and the name of the city.
  • Filling up your permanent address is now necessary. Select the option if your current address and permanent address are identical.
  • Mention your contribution to NCC and the NCC Alumni after listing your present position, title, or distinction at work.
  • You must also concur with the guidelines established by the NCC Alumni Association. then select “Make Payment” from the list of options.
  • Finally, you must pay a registration cost of 100 rupees to complete the registration process.
  • After completing your registration, you will receive an email confirming your membership in the association.

NCC Alumni Cadets Login Process

  1. First, enter the official online portal at to do the Cadet Login.
  2. After reading the rules and regulations, you will have the option to log in on the home page.
  3. Please click the login button, and a new page will load on your computer.
  4. You must enter your email address, password, and captcha code on this login page. Finally, select the login option.

NCC Alumni Association Available Helpline Number

  • The Contact Number is:- +91-7982000601

Some Important Links;

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