Nagpur Futala Show Timings, Ticket Booking Online & Entry Price

One of the most talked-about shows right now is the Futala fountain display, especially in Nagpur. Many have been curious about its ticket price, location, schedule, and other associated details ever since it launched.

On three sides, thick green trees envelop the stunning Futala Lake, and on the fourth, a beautifully planted Chowpatty. All of these enhance the lake’s attractiveness and draw tourists from all over the nation to the area to enjoy some quiet time in the middle of nature, far from the dirt and dust of everyday life. To know more about Nagpur Futala Show Timings, Ticket Booking Online & Entry Prices, kindly go through the complete article below.

Nagpur Futala Show Tickets Booking & Price

If you’re also planning to visit the Nagpur Futlala Show and want to book online tickets then you came to the right web page. Here we share all details regarding Futala Foundation Show. In this show, the delicious food provided by the restaurants adjacent to the lake and the lake’s convenient position are also advantages. For this very reason, Futala Lake has become a popular picnic location among the locals and receives a large number of daily visitors.

Here is a brief summary of the Futala Lake fountain show in Nagpur:-

Show Name Futala fountain show
Location Juna Futala, Chowpatty Road, Vayusena Nagar, Nagpur.
Entry Fee 250 Rupees
Ticket Booking Online mode
Show Timings 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m
Date NA

Nagpur Futala Show Timings, Ticket Booking Online & Entry Price

About Futala Lake, Nagpur

Nagpur’s Futala Lake, which is situated in Juna Futala, Chowpatty Road, and Vayusena Nagar, is a very well-known lake in the city. Telankhedi Lake is another name for Futala Lake. The distance to the city center is 6 kilometers. It is more than 200 years old, according to sources.

It spans 60 acres and was constructed by Raja Bhonsle. Green forest envelops the lake on three sides, with Chowpatty on the fourth. People look for this lake as the Futala fountain shows because of its multicolored fountains, which are the key factor in its fame.

Main Attractions of Nagpur Futala Show

The Lake’s key attractions are listed below:

  1. With its calm beauty, Futala Lake has a number of tourist attractions, including an evening fountain display.
  2. In addition, visitors can take a leisurely stroll around the lake, have a picnic in the neighboring gardens, or just unwind and take in the scenery.
  3. A well-liked attraction, the fountain show presents a magnificent display of water, lights, and music.

Other Facilities:

  • Futala Lake provides visitors with a number of services, such as food stands, restrooms, and parking spaces.
  • Also, visitors have the option of renting bicycles to tour the nearby gardens or boats to take out on the lake.

Futala Lake Show Timings & Other Facts

 So, let’s discuss some fascinating details regarding this Futala lake:-

  1. Three sides of the lake are covered in forest, and the fourth side has a lovely beach.
  2. This lake was created by the Nagpur-based Bhonsle monarchs and is well-known for its vibrant fountains.
  3. In order to address and improve the major parking issue caused by the well-known Hanuman temple, roughly 1300 meters of road have been built.
  4. Interlocking paving stones have been put in place on the road leading from Hanuman Mandir to Futala Lake and on the triangle of land in front of the temple as part of the second phase of beautification.
  5. Three floating fountains total, two colored ones measuring 15 feet each and one white one measuring 100 feet each, are present in the lake.
  6. To provide sufficient illumination, four tall masts have been erected all around the lake.

How to visit Nagpur Futala Fountain Show?

To get there, pick any of the services listed below:-

  1. Via Bus: Bharat Nagar Bus Terminal is 6 minute’s walk from Futala Lake and is located close to the lake.
  2. Via Metro: Shankar Nagar Metro Station is 34 minute’s walk from Futala Lake and is located close by.
  3. By Road: To travel to Futala Lake, which is nearby, you can alternatively take a car or a cab.

Famous Locations Nearby Nagpur’s Futala Lake

The following well-known locations are also accessible nearby;

  1. Center for Raman Science
  2. Temple to Sai Baba
  3. Temple of Adasa Ganpati
  4. Lake Khindsi
  5. Deeksha Bhoomi
  6. Ramtek Temple in Nagpur
  7. Ganesh Mandir Shree Tekdi
  8. Temple of Swaminarayan

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