MP Employee Payslip 2023, Treasury IFMS Login, Salary Slip Download

MP Employee Payslip 2023, Treasury IFMS Login, Salary Slip Download An MP salary slip also referred to as an MP employee slip or MP payslip is a record handed out by the employer to the employee containing data on their earnings for a specific pay cycle. Basic pay, allowances, deductions, and net pay are typically included in the slip. MP employee slips are issued to promote accountability and transparency in the payment of staff of the Member of Parliament (MP) office.

An MP employee slip serves as a critical means to maintain trust and accountability between employees and employers. The detailed salary information it provides not only guarantees fair and accurate payments but also promptly illuminates discrepancies for resolution. Essentially, an MP employee slip is an indispensable tool for upholding steadiness in an organization.

About MP Employee Payslip 2023

The MP Treasury is the name of the Madhya Pradesh state’s finance division. A significant portion of the state’s financial resources is managed by the Madhya Pradesh Treasury in partnership with the Ministry of Finance, which is where financial management, information, institutional funding and the small savings, state lottery, pension, local money, audit, treasury, and accounts are managed. Other information is available on IFMS MP Payslip logins.

The Integrated Financial Management Information System (IFMIS), a system for managing government finances, was developed by the Finance Department. Using this IFMS Portal (, all employees of the MP state government may view and download their IFMS MP Treasury Payslips as well as log into IFMS MP. See here all the information on MP Employee Payslip 2023, Treasury IFMS Login, and Salary Slip Download.

MP Employee Payslip

Highlights: MP Employee Payslip 2023, Treasury IFMS Login

Article About MP Employee Payslip 2023, Treasury IFMS Login, Salary Slip Download
Name MP Treasury (IFMS)
State Madhya Pradesh
Category Government 
Contact 18004198244
Official Website
FAQs Mentioned below

IFMS MP Treasury Pay Slip 2023

An employee’s remuneration for a certain pay period is broken down in great detail on an IFMS MP Treasury Pay Slip. It contains details on the employee’s base salary, bonuses, deductions, and net pay. The employee’s tax deductions, any overtime compensation, and other pertinent data regarding salary payment may also be included in the pay slip.

The MP Treasury manages financial activities, including the payment of salaries, using the IFMS (Integrated Financial Management System), an online platform. This gateway is used to create the IFMS MP Treasury compensation Slip, which serves as an electronic record of an employee’s compensation for a certain pay period.

It’s crucial to remember that the data on an IFMS MP Treasury Pay Slip is private and should be kept safe. Employees should carefully go through their pay stubs to make sure that everything is proper and that the right amount has been paid. Employees should get in touch with their HR or payroll department as soon as possible if there are any inconsistencies or inaccuracies so that the problem may be fixed.

Services Available at the Portal

Madhya Pradesh’s MP IFMS (Integrated Financial Management System) portal is a one-of-a-kind online interface that provides a varying array of financial management and administration services for different departments and organizations. The MP IFMS portal comprises a comprehensive suite of tools, for instance:

  • a request for leave.
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC).
  • The General Provident Fund, or GPF.
  • Travel Reimbursement.
  • Medical Bill.
  • Loan.
  • Advance payment.

Procedure for IFMIS Portal Registration

IFMS MP Treasury Portal registration is required if you work for the Mp government and wish to get the IFMIS Salary Slip. The simple steps listed below will guide you through the process of registering as a new user on the IFMS MP Treasury Portal.

  1. You must first access the IFMS website at
  2. You can choose to “Sign In” by clicking the button on the main page.
  3. A new page will appear when you click the Sign in button.
  4. To register as a new user, use the “New User Registration” option on this page.
  5. Clicking on the link will bring up the registration form.
  6. Now fill out the form with your username and password, choose a security question, and then input your response.
  7. The next step is to choose the user type.
  8. You must now enter the captcha code and check the box next to the Terms and Conditions.
  9. You now need to click both the Confirm and the Submit buttons.
  10. You will finish the registration procedure in this manner.

Steps to Get a 2023 IFMS MP Treasury Pay Slip

  • You must first access the login page of the primary website,
  • A new page will load when you click the IFMS login link.
  • To use the MP Treasury IFMS Portal, you need to have a User ID and Password.
  • Then, on the login screen, enter the correct User ID, Password, and Captcha. and after that, press the login button.
  • The IFMS MP dashboard will open after your login has been successful.
  • You will then choose HRMIS Home.
  • You may now access the area for reports. Here The Monthly Payslip Report and the Annual Salary Statement are the two sorts of reports that are available.
  • Choose Employee Payslip Report if you want to get the salary data slip by month, and Annual Salary Statement if you want to view it by year.
  • Continue by selecting “employee salary report”.
  • The employee code, month, and year of the payslip must then be entered on a new page that appears on your screen.

How to Reset Your Password?

  1. First, go to the official IFMS MP website at
  2. You will then see the homepage.
  3. Go back to the homepage and click the Login tab. The IFMIS MP login page will then appear.
  4. Click the Submit button link one more.
  5. Then it will send a reset link or OTP to the cellphone number you registered. To change your password, click the link or use OTP.
  6. This will make it simple for you to modify or reset your MP Treasury login ID password.

FAQs About MP Employee Payslip 2023 Download

a) What is IFMIS MP?
Ans. The MP government’s financial management system is called IFMIS (Integrated Financial Management Information System). This was created by the MP’s Finance Department.

b) Does every state employee find a use for the IFMS portal?
Ans. No, only Madhya Pradesh workers utilize this portal.

c) Where can I get the IFMS Portal login ID?
Ans. Each government employee is given an MP treasury IFMS login ID by the department.

d) Can the password be changed without confirming the OTP?
Ans. No, in order to reset the password, OTP Verification is required. The registered mobile number receives the OTP SMS.

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