LIC Premium Online Payment 2023, Pay LIC Payment online through Debit or Credit Card

LIC Premium Online Payment 2023, Pay LIC Payment online through Debit or Credit Card: Life Insurance Corporation, known as LIC, is one of India’s greatest protuberant and firstborn life insurance corporations. LIC was established in 1956. Since then, it has been providing insurance resolutions to millions of patrons since it was the only assurance breadwinner in the nation. Over time, the corporation has prolonged its processes and products to provide the assurance necessities of the ever-growing populace. Succeeding years of invention and offering some of the finest life coverage strategies, LIC is now calculated among some of the nation’s most dependable, critical, and famous life insurance benefactors.

If you are a client of India’s Life Insurance Corporation (LIC), you can accomplish your plan with an internet connection. You can pay your payments online, where the procedure is user-approachable and annoyance-free. See information related to LIC Premium Online Payment 2023, and Pay LIC Payment online through Debit or Credit Card here

About LIC Payment online

As the world of banking and assurance has shifted online, more and more individuals are now choosing the suitability of making expenditures online. With time and invention, these networks of making expenses have become increasingly classy. For the expediency of its patrons, LIC offers numerous networks via which patrons can make expenditures for their LIC policies. Payments for LIC plans can be made online in various ways, such as from the LIC internet site, at official bank branches, at franchisees, or even at wholesalers. If you also want to make LIC Premium Online Payment, then stay with the article till the end to get complete information about it.

Benefits of LIC Premium Payment Online

As a policyholder for LIC, the public has numerous assistance when paying premiums online. From supplying reimbursement commands, being capable of approving expenses from any place, and saving time to training alteration, there is a range of compensations for making premium expenditures online. One can also select the formation one wants to transfer from.

This service is free of cost and annoyance free. Life Insurance Corporation has its links with precise banks where a monthly payment is paid before the latter for each transaction taking place in Cyberspace. The end customer (policyholder) will not have to pay anything from their pocket.

LIC Premium Payment Through Debit/Credit Card

  • To pay your payments, you must first go to the LIC internet site. The URL for the internet site is You can merely type in the address on your browser to go to the site.
  • Once the internet site has opened, you will get a box categorized Online Services with numerous selections underneath, such as Customer Portal, Online Loan, Pay Premium Online, etc.
  • Under Online Services, hit on the Pay Premium Online tab to initiate the premium reimbursement procedure for your LIC policy.
  • When you tap on the Pay Premium Online tab, a new tab will appear, considered Pay Direct. This page will show two cubes, one categorized Pay Direct and the other Through Customer Portal.
  • If you have listed your policy on the LIC internet site, you can hit on the box considered Pay Direct. However, if you have not listed your policy on the LIC internet site and merely want to pay your policy premium straight, you must hit on the box named Through Customer Portal.
  • The following page will comprise a box that reads Pay Direct. Inside the box, three selections will be in 3 separate compartments: Pay Direct – no registration compulsory. Pay through e-services – Registration essential and View Transaction Position. Inside the direct pay box, you will get a drop-down menu with three selections – Loan Repayment, Renewal Premium, Advance Premium Payment, Loan Interest Payment, etc.
  • You must then hit on the ‘Renewal Premium’ selection from the drop-down, which will take you to a new page that displays three boxes representing the stages intricate in the premium payment procedure. Underneath the boxes will be two tabs, one patent Back and the other named Proceed. Hit on Proceed.

LIC Premium Online Payment 2023

  • The next page carries you to the first phase of premium reimbursement, Customer Authentication. Here it would be best if you gave some policy-related info. You will be requested to provide your date of birth, LIC policy number, listed mobile number, email ID, the installment premium amount to be paid, etc. After you have given all this data, you must also provide a captcha code in the chosen box.
  • Once you have given all the data and the captcha code, hit on Submit.
  • Next, you come to the Payment Particulars page, where you must confirm the info you have given about your policy. After you have done so, tap on the tab categorized ‘Checkout’.
  • The next page will again show a box with manifold columns containing your policy-related data and separate columns for additional responsibilities (if any) that will be added over the owed premium amount. These could be Education Cess, Service Tax, Late fees, etc. The whole premium amount billed will be displayed in the box, along with a column Pay Premium. It would be best to tick the box under that column and then hit Submit.

Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) Premium Online Payment

  • This carries you to the last phase of the payment procedure, where you will approve the premium particulars and choose the reimbursement method. You can select between making reimbursement via net banking through a Debit or Credit card (IDBI Gateway).
  • Once you hit the circle in contradiction of ‘IDBI Gateway’, you will be readdressed to an alternative page where you can see the Service Tax and Convenience Fee associated with every Card Type. Recognize your card type and the quantity of premium you must wage to find out the service levy valid to your billed amount. Next, hit on Submit.
  • Next, you will be readdressed to the page where you will be enquired to give your card particulars to carry out the transaction. Most often, you will be enquired to provide your credit or debit card number, CVV2/CVC2 number, card’s date of termination, email ID, name on the card, mobile number, etc. Also, give the captcha code shown in the box. Otherwise, you may also be able to pay using an ATM PIN, OTP, or a password.
  • Hit on Pay. You will get a receipt concerning the reimbursement made on the email id that you have given or the one listed with your LIC
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