Kpop Girl Group New Jeans 2023 Audition, Members, HYBE & ADOR Entertainment

We are excited about the Kpop girl group New Jeans 2023 audition! As huge fans of K-pop and its influential female performers, we can not wait to see what this group has in store for us. From stunning vocals to captivating dance moves, there is no doubt that these girls will blow us away with the rising popularity of K-pop globally. It’s exciting to think that we may be witnessing the debut of the next big thing in music entertainment. To know more about Kpop Girl Group New Jeans 2023 Audition, Members, HYBE & ADOR Entertainment, kindly go through the complete article below.

Kpop Girl Group New Jeans 2023 Audition

It is an excellent opportunity for talented young women to show their skills and potential as idols are also incredibly inspiring. Get more information about the best talents to shine and bring us some phenomenal new tunes in the Kpop girl group New Jeans 2023 audition!

K-pop is constantly growing and changing, with new groups appearing and taking the world by storm. One of the most outstanding events in the K-pop industry is the audition for a new girl group known as New Jeans 2023. In the below section, you will get to know more about Kpop Girl Group New Jeans 2023 Member’s Name including HYBE & ADOR Entertainment Auditions Date.

Kpop Girl Group New Jeans 2023 Audition, Group Members, HYBE & ADOR Entertainment

Kpop Girl Group HYBE & ADOR Entertainment Audition – Overview

  • Kpop Girl Group New Jeans 2023 Audition
  • HYBE & ADOR Entertainment Group Members
Group Name New Jeans
Company Belongs HYBE
Company label ADOR
Category Music Label & Entertainment
Location South Korea

Procedure to Apply for Kpop Girl Group New Jeans 2023 Audition

The audition process for New Jeans 2023 is intense and designed for those who want to apply:-

  1. The first step is an online application, where candidates submit a video or audio clip of themselves showing their singing and dancing abilities.
  2. After that, a select number of participants will be invited to attend a live audition, where they will perform in front of a panel of judges.
  3. The New Jeans 2023 audition judges are some of the biggest names in the K-pop industry, including producers, choreographers, and seasoned performers.
  4. They will be looking for participants who not only have the passion for becoming successful K-pop idols.
  5. For those who make it past the initial audition, the next step is a training process that lasts a few months.
  6. This training involves intense dance rehearsals, vocal coaching, and even language lessons for those who need to learn Korean.

You will also participate in group exercises and performances, allowing the judges to see how you work together as a team. Last but not least, the audition process is a live performance in front of a live audience. Where the judges will decide who will make the cut for the New Jeans 2023.

Member of Kpop Girl Group New Jeans 2023 Auditions

New Jeans 2023 is set to be one of the hottest new girl groups to hit the scene. With a fresh and unique sound that is sure to capture the hearts of fans around the world. The audition for this group is highly expected, with thousands of hopefuls competing for a place in the lineup.

Well, the HYBE girl group New Jeans recently debuted five members. However, the official label has yet to post much other information about the group. Here, you can learn about the group’s names, ages, and more.


Kim Minji is Korean and born in 2004. The 18-year-old k-pop rookie has impressed fans with her surprising dance moves in the first music video of New Jeans, Attention.


Another member born in 2004, on the buzz since their debut MV is Hanni, the 18-year-old K-pop rookie, the first female HYBE Vietnamese idol.


Let’s move on to another South Korean group member of the Kpop Girl Group New Jeans 2023 Audition Haerin who was born in 2006.


The youngest member of New Jeans, Hyein, now turns 14. She was born in 2008 and worked on Pocket TV YouTube video “how to pass a K-pop audition.”


HYBE New Jeans’ fifth member is Australian-Korean K-pop rookie Danielle, born in 2005. The 17-year-old New Jeans member has participated in writing their first single, Attention.

HYBE & ADOR Entertainment Audition for Kpop Girl Group

Overall, the audition for New Jeans 2023 is an exciting and highly competitive event that is sure to draw a lot of attention from fans around the world. With so many talented and dedicated candidates competing for a place in this new girl group, it will be interesting to see who ultimately makes the cut and becomes the next big thing in K-pop. Here check other auditions for Kpop Girls & Boys Group:

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