Khatu Shyam Online Ticket Booking Shri Shyamji Dharshan

India’s Rajasthan state is home to the well-known Hindu pilgrimage destination known as Khatu Shyam Ji Temple. Lord Krishna’s most revered devotee is honored in this temple. Many worshippers come to the temple on a yearly basis to offer reverence and ask god for favors. The temple’s administrators have made it feasible for followers to purchase tickets for darshan online thanks to the development of technology. Through the official website, worshippers may easily register to get Khatu Shyam Online Ticket Booking for Shri Shyamji Dharshan.

About Khatu Shyam Online Ticket Booking

In the Sikar area of Rajasthan, India is the famed Hindu pilgrimage destination known as Khatu Shyam Ji or Shri Shyamji Temple. He was Lord Krishna’s most revered devotee. The temple is sometimes referred to as Khatu Dham or the Shyam Baba Temple.

According to legend, Khatu Shyam Ji was a warrior who participated in the Mahabharata war on the side of the Pandavas. He gave up on the world after the war and retired to meditate in the wilderness. As he acquired enlightenment, people began to revere him as a god. The temple was constructed on the site of Khatu Shyam Ji’s enlightenment.

The Khatu Shyam Ji statue, which is carved out of black stone, is the temple’s main draw. The image of the idol features a mustache, a turban, and a flute. As he is thought to be the son of Bhima and Hidimba from the Mahabharata, the deity is also known as “Barbarika”. To know How to book online tickets for Shri Shyamji Dharshan, kindly continue reading ahead.

Khatu Shyam Online Ticket Booking Shri Shyamji Dharshan

Shri Shyamji Dharshan Online Registration – Highlights

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Procedure to Book Online Tickets for Khatu Shyam Ji Darshan

The following steps will show you how to order your Khatu Shyam Darshan tickets online:

  1. Go to the homepage of the official website,, and click the “Book Now” button.
  2. Choose your visit’s date and time from the available options. Because the tickets cannot be transferred, be sure you choose the right day and time.
  3. Choose how many tickets you need. A maximum of five tickets may be ordered by devotees in one transaction.
  4. Provide your name, age, gender, and phone number as well as other personal information.
  5. Choose the sort of darshan you like, either general or VIP. Tickets for VIP Darshan are more expensive than general darshan tickets, however, they grant faster entry to the temple.
  6. Complete the payment procedure by selecting your preferred payment option. The temple’s administrators accept payments using a variety of methods, including credit/debit cards, net banking, UPI, etc.
  7. Your registered mobile number and email address will be used to send you a confirmation message with the ticket information following the payment’s success.
  8. Bring a printed copy of the ticket and a valid ID on the day of your visit to the temple in order to enter.

Important Points to Note before entering the temple

  1. To enter the temple, devotees need to have a valid ID on them.
  2. Leather products, cell phones, cameras, and any other electrical devices are not permitted inside the temple grounds, according to the temple administration.
  3. Devotees are required to wear clean, acceptable clothing and carefully adhere to the dress code.
  4. The hours of operation for the temple are 5:30 am to 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm to 9:00 night. The temple is shut down in the afternoon.

FAQs about Khatu Shyam Dharshan Online Booking

a) What is online registration for Khatu Shyam Darshan?

  • Internet ticket reservations for visits to the Khatu Shyam temple in Rajasthan, India, are made possible using the Khatu Shyam Darshan Online Registration method. is the temple’s official website, where the online registration procedure can be finished.

b) How can I sign up online for Khatu Shyam Darshan?

  • You must go to, the temple’s official website, and register for an account in order to participate in Khatu Shyam Darshan online. Once you’ve registered, you may choose the day and time of your visit and purchase your tickets.

c) Can I register once and book numerous tickets?

  • Yes, you can register once and reserve several tickets. While finishing the registration procedure, you must choose how many tickets you want to reserve.

d) Is purchasing tickets for Khatu Shyam Darshan online required?

  • Yes, online ticket reservations are required for Khatu Shyam Darshan. To prevent crowding and for the safety of devotees during the COVID-19 epidemic, the temple management has made it obligatory to purchase tickets online.

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