Jowai Ladrymbai Teer Result 2023, Juwai Teer FR SR Today Hit Number

Jowai Ladrymbai Teer Result 2023, Juwai Teer FR SR Today Hit Number: Jowai and Ladymbai Teer is a very famous archery game in Meghalaya, India. It’s a very old game you can say it’s their traditional game where the shooter has to hit with the arrow on the target. It is played in the two districts of Meghalaya that is Jowai and Ladymbai, where it is played two times a day and played six days except Sunday. If you’re also looking for the outcome of Jowai Ladrymbai Teer Result for today’s game then you just land on the right webpage. Here we share the fastest Jowai & Ladrymbai Teer Result along with the Juwai Teer Common Hit Number.

About Jowai & Ladrymbai Teer Result

Let us tell you that Jowai and Ladymbai Teer game is played two times a day where the archer in the first round hits 50 arrows into the target and in the second round, they hit 20 arrows into a target. The target board is like a dart game board circular board where the number is marked on it, the archer has to target the center to score high points. The winning numbers are counted on the total arrows hit on the target, and the player who guesses the correct numbers can win a cash prize.

This is a legal gambling game because it is regulated by the Meghalaya State Teer Association, which is very famous in this region. In the below section, we will provide you with the result of the Jowai & Ladrymbai Teer Lottery Game at the right time. Sometimes the final result declaration takes time so don’t worry and keep refreshing this page until you get the Jowai Ladrymbai Result.

Jowai Ladrymbai Teer Result 2023, Juwai Teer FR SR Today Hit Number

Jowai Ladymbai Teer Result 29 November 2023 Today Live

As we mentioned above Jowai Ladymbai Teer is gambling just like any other lottery ticket where the results are announced on the same day, that is the first result is announced at 4.30 PM and the second result is announced at 5.00 PM. It is held every day and six days a week and on Sunday it is closed. It is a legal game Teer game of Meghalaya region which is framed under the Meghalaya Amusement and Betting Act.

Date Results (FR/ SR Target Hit Number)
Jowai (4:30 PM) Ladrymbai (5:00 PM)
29-11-2023 Wait… Wait…
28-11-2023 63 20
27-11-2023 61 24
25-11-2023 64 86
24-11-2023 46 80
23-11-2023 08 34
22-11-2023 33 59
21-11-2023 46 15
20-11-2023 54 14
18-11-2023 03 14
07-11-2023 82 15
06-11-2023 69 82
04-11-2023 74 12
03-11-2023 46 96
02-11-2023 97  29
01-11-2023 40 31

How to play Jowai and Ladymbai Teer Lottery game?

It has certain rules and regulations for the Jowai and Ladymbai Teer Lottery game, here the same;

  1. There is no official website where you can find the Teer Lottery Result online.
  2. However, you can find the Jowai and Ladymbai Teer Result on website at the right time.
  3. If you have purchased the Lottery Tickets for Teer gambling games then you can check the result here.
  4. This Teer game is played at Polo Ground in Jowai and Ladymbai, in a day 5000 tickets are sold in the 11 booking centers of Meghalaya.
  5. Selling of the tickets at the counter is from 10 AM to 3 PM everyday Sunday it is closed.
  6. The price of the lottery tickets are around 300 Rs to 500 Rs it is played at the Polo ground in Meghalaya where all the archer are gathered and the game starts at 4.30 PM.
  7. 50 Archers are there and they hit 30 arrows at the target and the distance of the aim is 50 meters, whichever number is hit by the archer is the lucky number of the lottery tickets, whoever so ever has that number hit by the archer winner.

Jowai Ladrymbai Teer Result Today 2023 – Highlights

Name of Game Jowai Ladymbai Teer 2023 [Archery Game]
State Held Meghalaya
Authorized Under the Amusement and Betting Tax Amendment by Meghalaya Government
Game Played Polo Ground at Jowai & Ladymbai region
Today date 29 November 2023
Start Timing  Slot 4:30 PM and 5:00 PM
Result Declared As per availability and update by the club
Ticket price 300 rs to 500 rs
Lottery ticket price As per decided by the club
Category Lottery Result

How does the Jowai Ladymbai Teer game is played?

Jowai and Ladymabai is a traditional game of archery that is played in the state of Meghalaya. This game is played with a bow and arrow, as it is a betting game where you have to guess the number, and if that number is hit on the target, you can win the lottery tickets.

Rules & Regulations of the Teer Games:

  • In this game, the first round is played in the morning, and the second round is played in the evening.
  • Fifty arrows are targeted in each round.
  • Before the game starts, the players predict their bet on a particular target, and when the arrow hits that target, the organizer sets to win and lose the player.
  • The numbers are set between 0 to 99.
  • After all, arrows hit the target, and then all the numbers hit are counted.
  • The winning number is the last two digits of the total number of the arrows that hit the target.
  • Finally, the lucky player who wins the game will win the money. You must be very conscious that this game is particularly gambling, where you can win and lose too.

Juwai Teer FR SR Today Hit Number

  1. This game is played using traditional bamboo bows and arrows, which local artists make, these bows are usually 4 feet long, and these arrows are made of bamboo and feathered; this feather is of the hen.
  2. The target board is circular, about 3 meters in diameter, and 50 meters away for the archer.
  3. Winners get the payment. It varies depending on the number of players and the amount of money that has been bet. The playout ratio usually ranges from 1:70 to 1:100, meaning a bet of Rs 1 can potentially win you Rs 70 to Rs 100.
  4. As it is a very popular game in Meghalaya, it is happening in many places in this region. You pay the people licensed in this gameplay for your safety and transparency.
  5. Juwai Teer game has become an important revenue source for the state government of Meghalaya and the local communities in the Jowai and Ladymbai; it is estimated that the game generates millions of rupees in revenue every year.
  6. The popularity of the Juwai Teer game is so much that it led to similar creations in other parts of India, such as Shillong Teer and Khanapara Teer.
  7. This game has got lots of controversy and criticism that it promotes gambling which can be addictive. And the side, it is said that it provides a source of entertainment and the source of income for the local communities.

Jowai & Ladymbai Teer game has attracted many tourists from all over the world, which is a unique combination of archery and betting too. This game is operated by the government of Meghalaya, which ensures a fair and transparent game. The operators are required to maintain detailed records of all bets and payouts, and they are subject to regular inspections and audits by the government.

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