HYBE Labels Audition 2023 New Group for Girls & Boys Online Apply Link

Hybe Labels Japan is going to commence its tryouts for girls. Anybody from India who desires to partake in the HYBE LABELS Global AUDITIONS can join the show. This show is mainly formed for fledgling aptitude. With the aid of this show, anyone can show their talent in acting, dancing, modeling, and other groups. If you were born after the year 2000, then you can apply for this show tryouts. To know more about HYBE Labels Audition 2023 New Group for Girls & Boys and Online Apply Link then continue reading ahead.

About HYBE Labels Audition 2023

The Hybe labels audition for female global is open for all age clusters. In this scheme, all the brilliant Girls / Females can partake. This show will offer a platform for you to show your aptitude and make your career in the performing business. Hybe Labels Japan trials are now steered all over the world. This article is especially for Indians. If you want to partake in this show, there are three audition steps.

The broadcast date has yet to be determined, but you will get well-versed in the dates after registering. You can apply for the show as many times as you want. If you pass the tryout, then you become a learner accomplished by five labels in Japan. When you choose, then you do not have to wage any servicer to lessen expenditures. If you do your education, then you do not have to leave your school. You can endure your teaching, and the corporation will be steadier between your education and performing actions. In the below table, check the key highlights of HYBE Labels Audition 2023 for Girls & Boys New Groups.

HYBE Labels Audition 2023 New Group for Girls & Boys Online Apply Link

HYBE Labels Audition 2023 New Group for Girls – Key Points

  • Native name – 하이브
  • Romanized name – Haibeu
  • Type – Public
  • Traded as KRX – 352820
  • Industry- Entertainment Technology
  • Genre- Dance, R&B, Hip-hop
  • Founded – February 1, 2005; 17 years ago (as Big Hit Entertainment Co., Ltd.) March 31, 2021; 16 months ago (as HYBE Corporation)
  • Founder – Bang Si-hyuk
  • Headquarters – Yongsan Trade Center, Yongsan,[1] Seoul, South Korea
  • Key people – Bang Si-hyuk (Chairman) Park Ji-won (CEO) Lenzo Yoon (CEO, HYBE America) Min Hee-jin (CBO)
  • Services – Music Production, Publishing, New Artist Development, Artist Management, 360° Business, IP, Platform & Education Business
  • Revenue – ₩1.2 trillion (2021)
  • Net income – ₩141 billion (2021)
  • A number of employees – Approx. 1000 (As of December 2020)
  • Website URL – https://hybecorp.com/eng/main

Eligibility Requirements for HYBE Labels Auditions

For this show, both Boys and Girls are suitable to take part. If you choose to participate in the show, you need to trail the suitability strategies made by Hybe international audition committee. Now read the suitability principles and then check out the particulars:

  1. Anybody who wishes to use it should not be intricate with any other action or sign with any other label. Anyone wishing to apply for Hybe Labels Audition should be born after 2000.
  2. To know more about Audition Requirements for Boys & Girls group, kindly reach the official Instagram account @instagram.com/hybe.labels.audition.

How to apply online for HYBE Labels Audition 2023?

Applying is modest and informal, and anyone can do it alone. Here follow the step-by-step procedure for HYBE Labels Audition 2023 online:-

  1. For registering, the first phase is to go to the authorized website.
  2. You can then straight visit the official web portal: hybelabelsjapan-audition.com
  3. On the home page, you will see “HYBE Labels Japan Audition”.
  4. You can alter the language from the upper right-side corner if you do not know Japanese.
  5. If you scroll your face slightly, you will see an apply button.
  6. When you hit on it, you will be readdressed a cited to a new page of the tryout form.
  7. In the early stage of the audition form, you need to give your email.
  8. After entering the email, hit on send confirmation email button.
  9. Now, one confirmation email will be sent to your listed email ID.
  10. Click on the link to confirm your email, and then you will be redirected to the authorized website of HYBE Labs Japan.
  11. After confirmation, you need to hit on the apply button.
  12. Now, the whole form is uncluttered, in which you must give your complete name, email ID, gender, audition location, type of addition, nationality, performance class, and date of birth particulars.
  13. In the next segment, give your phone number, address, height, message, and social media account link.
  14. The next segment is that you must upload a face photo of yourself, a media file, and attach the URL. These choices are obtainable in the involved file section.
  15. The next portion is given when the answer to one question (How did you recognize the HYBE Audition?)
  16. Give your answer to him, then hit on the I agree to the individual info
  17. Lastly, click on the submit button.

Procedure for HYBE Labels Auditions 2023 Online Registration

  • Go to the Hybe Auditions 2023 official website at www.bighitaudition.com to apply.
  • Now apply for auditions by hitting the Apply Online section on the homepage.
  • A registration page or application form will then be shown to you
  • Give the essential data, count your email address, and then click the link to authenticate your email address.
  • You will get an authorization email delivered to your email address in a few minutes. To confirm its legitimacy, click this link.
  • After registering, you can move on to the following registration page to select the sort of audition you want to participate in.
  • Vocal rap, acting, modeling, and other presentation categories are accessible for assortment.
  • Once you apply, the procedure will be done, and you’ll get an email validation of success. If your application is practical, the squad will contact you shortly after.

Location for HYBE Labels Auditions 2023

  1. Parth Singapore
  2. Los Angeles, New York City
  3. Busan, Oasaka, Gwangju, Taipai in South Korea, Sapparo
  4. Melbourne Australia
  5. Japan Tokyo and Kaohsiung
  6. Seoul, South Korea
  7. HO CHI Minh (Vietnam)
  8. Hanoi, Bangkong

Latest Updates for HYBE Labels Audition 2023

HYBE Labels will be presenting the most extensive multi-label audition in 2022 to provide the opportunity of joining Pledis Entertainment, Bighit Music, Belift, Source Music, and many more. Learn how you apply for HYBE multi-label auditions.

The opportunity to be a part of HYBE Multi Labels is like a chance to make a requirement come true for K-pop fans across the world because the label is home to some of the top music clusters around the world, such as Grammy-nominated duo BTS (Bighit Music) Self-produced million-selling collective Seventeen (Pledis Entertainment) and more.

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  1. Hay my name is shalu Gupta my age 18 years my high 148 cm and 50 kg I am Indian dance and sing k-pop idol is my audition please

  2. I am sanika I really love dancing & singing. I really get inspired by the famous kpop group like BTS and TXT . I promise if I get selected I would do a lot of hard work and try my best to be the best better one
    Age : 17
    Birth day : 04/ 07/ 2006
    Country : India
    Thank you☺

    1. Hi my name is sristhi and l am 14 year’s old and l am very good at dancing l really get inspired by the focus K-pop group like BTS and txt

      1. hi my name is divyani call me divya i am 14 years old and i am good dancer i improve my voice and i am inspired from kpop groups like blackpink, bts i am from india i am give many of audition but my miss ok thank you 🙄😇🤝


    Hi, I am Yashika Mewari I am 14 year old. I am very good at dancing and singing. I also have done many dance performance and have good experience of stage dance performance.
    Thank you

    1. Hi my name is Ananya I really want to join Hybe because I got influenced by BTS. I am 13 years old and I am studying in 8th class.

  4. Alphonsa basumatary

    Hello I am Alphonsa basumatary I am good at both singing and dancing Thank you I am 12 years old born in 2010 Height 156

  5. Awonbiowo wuraola

    Hi ,am awonbiowo wuraola I am 15 years old I am very good at singing ,I have done many stage singing performance

    1. Hi , my name is chhani and I’m 15 years old I’m good at singing and dancing and I’m 5 foot 4 inches and I’m from Mizoram in North East India

  6. Hay my name is shalu Gupta my age 18 years my high 248 cm and 50 kg I am Indian dance and sing k-pop idol is

  7. Hi my name is Mishel and I’m 16 years old and I’m really good at singing, and I would love to try the audition.
    Country : Sri Lanka
    Height : 171 -172

    1. Sabina Kalejova

      Hi my name is Sabina and I’m 14 year’s old
      I really love music it was my dream to become a kpop idol but am not so good at dancing and singing but everybody’s is learning and I will do my best to become a kpop idol

  8. Hy I’m Dua
    I’m 15 years old
    As a category I’m choosing dancing because I’m dancing since childhood and I’m good at Dancing
    I would love to try for the auditions

    Height: 167 cm
    County: Pakistan

    1. Hi i ma Geetha I am from India and I am really really really interested in becoming a k-pop idol i am 12 years old and I am good at dancing and rapping and i am inspired by BTS and other girl groups.

  9. Hii Hi my name is sandhya and I am 13 years old, and I would love to try the audition.
    Country -india🇮🇳

  10. Hey myself Tiya Choudhary From India and I wanna become a kpop idol I have a such a good experience in dance I went to learn dance when I was 6 years old and Currently I’m 14 year’s old and I want a future in dance I will do hard work in my dance I know I will not be selected that easily it’s takes time but I will don’t give up thankyou🤍
    Name-: Tiya
    Reigion-: Indian
    DOB-: 04-05-2009
    Height-: 161cm
    Weight-: 42kg

  11. Guneet Kaur Shergill

    Hi I am Guneet I am from India and my dream is to become a K-POP idol Please Help me to fulfil my dream

  12. My name is rishika Yadav and my hobi is dancing and singing please give me chance to kphop idol please and my age is 13 I am Indian girl

    1. Hi I am Reya. I really want to join Hybe because I got influenced by BTS. I am 13 years old and I am studying in 8th class.

    1. Janice Tacorda

      Hi my name is Janice Tàcorda and I’m from Philippines I’m good at singing and dancing I love kpop and I want to be a kpop I’m thankful if you approve me this thank you

  13. Hi myself sahana from grade 9 and i am 13years old I am Indian but not I only want to join or participate in this we had made a group called NSMS we are four girls in it and we have already done song+dance but we didn’t uploaded to anything I know we not select in this but i will never leave my hope I will keep on trying until I reach my goal
    Thank you
    Sorry if I did some mistake in it

  14. Nguyễn Hồng Vũ Kha

    Tôi là Kha (SinNi) đến từ Vietnam. Tôi biết hát và một chút nhảy. Tôi hi vọng có thể được tham gia buổi thử giọng.
    Tôi sinh năm 2006
    Chiều cao 167cm

  15. Mujhe naachna gana sab pasand hai lekin Hindi mein mujhe Marathi bhi aati hai Telugu bhi aati hai lekin mujhe Korean and Japanese language nahin aati hai

  16. My name is Sonu I’m 15 years old I’m from India speak more than 7 languages and a fast learner i can sing & dance and rap..

  17. Hello
    Sir 🥺
    I am best singer best rapper best dancer and mam sir please 🥺 help me
    I want to talk to you
    Reply me
    I want to be a best k-pop idol

  18. Hi, I’m Mary and i’m intrested. I’ve never really known what I wanted to do in life other than something in performing. Although I’m shy, i’ve always wanted to model and sing. I recently got into kpop. Watching all the fan cams I thought, “wow they are having so much fun” I’m not korean but I really love korea. I love the culture, the people everything. I want to be an idol.

    Height: 162.56
    Weight: 33kg

  19. Sonakshi Naudiyal

    Hiii,I am Sonakshi Naudiyal from India.I am 12 born on 2011 weight:39kg.
    I have good talent to rap in English and free style/hip-hop/k-pop dances. I have good vocal skills and i will try my best..Thanks.


    Hi 안녕 my name is sravani i love k-pop so much my height:-158cm. My weight:-37 D.OB 2012/06/12. I am 12 years old i am good at singing and dancing i am studying 6th class i am promoting to 7 th class. My nation:- India (vuyyuru) my mother tongue is Telugu and i am really interested in raping to i am soo close to my grandmother and mother i hope you like my k-pop audition 감사합니다

  21. Annesha Kisku

    My name is Annesha Kisku I am interested at dancing
    I also have vocal skills.

  22. Nisha.P, Shubha. M,Manasa.M, Sahana. B

    Hi myself sahana from grade 9 and my age is 13 and we have already done a group called NSMS in our village and the song and dance coragrap is almost ready.

  23. Hi my name is Ananya. I am 13 years old.I really want to give auditions for HYBE. I got influenced by BTS.

    1. Iam sreenanda. I really love k-pop so I decided join loop this is my dream . I try really hard. My hobbies are dancing and singing. Iam very confident.thankyou

    2. Hello,my name is rishika and I am 13 years old and my dream is I want to became k pop idol and my favourite k pop group is BTS and blackpink and my hobby is singing dancing and drawing my favourite company is big hit
      Height=4.10 inch
      Thank you🙂

  24. Kangna bhadoriya

    Hii my name is kangna bhadoriya and iam from India my age is 14 years and my height 175 cm I would like to give audition and I will stan for group bts and txt it is my dream to be a k pop idol and my hoby is dancing and singing my weight is 40 kg and my dob is 30/12/2010 I am very confident. I woul like to give auditions in hybe labels

  25. Hi my name is Mildred Chisom am from Nigeria am 13 am good at raping , singing and danceing . I realling want to kpop please reply me I want to talk to you please please I know am from Nigeria please but if you give me a chance I will do my best please accept me please thank you GOD bless you thank you 🥺🥺🥺🥺

  26. Hi my name is Divyani I’m trying to audition to kpop idol i am 13 years old and I am very good dancer and I study in 8th STD i have one chance please sir i am almost 18 time try to kpop idol audition please 🥺 i requested you i trening strictly i am from India i am very mature and I have one chance please sir pass out my request 🥹😭😭😭🙏🙏🥺😭😭🇮🇳🇮🇳

  27. Melinda Salsa putri

    Hallo nama saya melinda saya berumur 12tahun saya muslim saya dari Indonesia saya sangat ingin menjadi trailer hybe entertainment apakah bisa?
    Jika saya bisa saya ingin menjadi leader, vocalis, maknae tolong jawab saya saya🥺 🙏🏻sangat ingin menjadi idol k-pop

  28. Hii hello 👋🤗 my name is kaifiya I am from Indio I am trying to audition to kpop idol I wanted to be a dancer I like new jeans group and and my hobbies dancing my d,ob,1/1/2007 and my height 155cm🥺😭 l like and I love kpop and naver give up

  29. Anushka babre

    Hi my name is Anushka babre and I am 14y old i really like to dancing and singing and I also can make rap i wrote so many songs and raps

  30. hi my name is madina i can speak fluent english i come from ghana and kurdistan but now i live in sweden i am 12 years old and i really really want to be a kpop idol because kpop has inspired me super much i love to sing and i practice to be able to rap better thanks 💕

  31. Jennifer Justin

    Hi I’m Jennife am 15 years old and I love dancing and singing and really want to join kpop idols I know is very hard to me to join kpop 😔 because am non Korean and also African which very hard but u feel I will waiting ✋️😔

  32. Hi my name is lisa I am best in dance and rap I want to be an kpop like bts I am a girl and I like hybe labels company so I want to give audition I am 12 year old

  33. Namrata karki

    Hi I am Namrata I want to be a kpop idol just like bts and I like to sing,rap and dance.Hybe company is my dream destination.I am 12 years olf.I know it is hard for me to join because I am from Nepal but I wanted to try once.

  34. 안녕하새요 저는 수하나 입니다 and i am 15 years old and I am from India… My hobbies are dancing, rapping and little bit singing also I will be thankfull if you give me a chance to audition.. I can act, modeling and other so give me a chance… 😊감삽니다

    1. Harshdeep singh

      Hello my name is Harshdeep singh my dream is modeling pleas silect me im 28 year old my hight is 6.1 inch my state in punjab please select me

  35. my wish is k-pop idol please please select me
    my contri name is India my name is aamrpali
    my age is 13
    my height 146
    my vel 35

  36. Marjana Eshniyazova

    [email protected]; Hello, my name is Marjana, for short, Margo. I have dreamed of becoming a singer since childhood, I can sing, rap and dance. If you believe in me, I will repay your trust. Thank you for your attention.

  37. hi I am mahi . I like to dance,sing and rap. I got inspired by the of BTS ,txt and black pink . My height is big. I promise if I will selected I will work hard.
    Name – mahi
    Age – 11
    Country – India
    Thank you 😊

  38. Hello sir, My name is Farjana mili.
    I live in Bangladesh.🇧🇩
    I’m Bengali
    I’m Muslim girl.
    My age:16.
    My high :5:1
    My weight:56kg.
    I want online audition, hybe company.
    I want k-pop idol.

  39. Hello 🤗 ..
    My name is Shweta. Iam 16 years old . Iam from India 🇮🇳.
    First few things about myself iam speack two language Hindi and English .. dancing has always been my hobby and sources of motivational and positivity ❤️
    So my dream is k pop idl …. Please give me a chance I will be try bast
    Thankyou ❤️🥰

  40. Hello my name is juwaira
    Im form India
    Weight:- 49kg
    I have chosen to be a k-pop idol because of BTS, BLACKpink,straykids,Itzy,twice,NNMIX I hope u will see this and give a chance thank you

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