Tourist/ Visitor Liquor Permit in Gujarat, Cost, Price List, How to Get Permit

Tourist/ Visitor Liquor Permit in Gujarat, Cost, Price List, How to Get Permit: Despite the alcohol zone, Gujarat is where the majority of alcohol is sold. Only law enforcement personnel were observed drinking. Gujarat’s medical board recommends that the legal right to consume alcohol be revoked for health grounds. There are more license holders now. 31,499 licenses were awarded during the past three years, bringing in Rs 19,10,26,275 for the government. Thus, the alcohol tax in Gujarat is Rs. 6,065 per person and Rs. the same for beverages. Somebody consumes 17 rupees per day. Despite having a license, the license holder continues to consume a lot of alcohol in public. It’s true that everyone consumes 40 rupees of alcohol each day.

All the information related to getting a Tourist/Visitor Liquor Permit in Gujarat has been provided to you in detail in the article below. So stay with the article till the end.

About Tourist/ Visitor Liquor Permit in Gujarat

Keep in mind not to misplace your boarding pass after arrival. You will need it, along with other documents, to show you are a tourist, so keep it secure (don’t throw it away for a time). 

You will also need a valid form of identification for the Gujarat Tourist/ Visitor Liquor Permit. I used my PAN card and driving license. Also, you need a passport-size photograph. (A soft copy is also fine). A corporate ID with a local address is useful if you are at work. What you need is the following:

Gujarat Tourist/Visitor Liquor Permit

  • Passport, a ticket for an interstate bus, or train, or a receipt for a toll road.
  • It serves as a kind of arrival date confirmation for your transportation.  
  • Two valid IDs (interestingly Aadhaar is not in the options).
  • I made use of my physical driver’s license and PAN card. (soft copy). 
  • The voting card also functions. a digital image of a passport-size picture.
  • Evidence of a local address. 
  • I paid a friend’s petrol payment who I share a house with. 
  • The coupon for the hotel reservation ought to work.

Highlights – Tourist/ Visitor Liquor Permit in Gujarat, Cost, & Price List

Article about  Tourist/ Visitor Liquor Permit in Gujarat, Cost, Price List, How to Get Permit
State Gujarat
Drinking age Illegal
Cost of permit  12000 Rs.
Government in Gujarat BJP
FAQs Mentioned below
Official Website Click Here

Procedure to Apply for Gujarat Tourist/ Visitor Liquor Permit

Upon arriving in Gujarat, visitors can submit an application for a liquor license within four days of arriving in Gujarat. 

  1. Create a profile by going to the E-permit site of the State Department.
  2. Simply follow the directions and, if necessary, provide digital copies of the necessary papers. 
  3. Pay the remaining 70 INR with a credit card or net banking. 
  4. There won’t be any additional fees if you use the online bank. The use of the cards has a minor cost.
  5. Your alcohol license is available for download once payment has been received. Print it out if you plan to go to a liquor store.

Validity of the Tourist/ Visitor Liquor Permit In Gujarat

The permit has a seven-day expiration date and three extensions are allowed. Therefore, in theory, you may only purchase alcohol for a period of four weeks. Anyone staying in Gujarat for more than a month is reportedly not considered a “guest” by the state’s administration.

Buy Liquor with a Permit in Gujarat

Liquor shops are typically seen in luxury hotels. You may find the nearest one by conducting a web search. The excise inspector will ask you for permission when you get there and let them know what your plans are.

You might be required to present your work ID or business card with an address outside of Gujarat while submitting this. They will let you into the store after they are confident that you are an actual licensee. Your license will be checked once more by someone at the desk outside the business. I mailed them my permission because I lacked a hard copy. Without being asked, the man printed everything himself. We’re done when I select my drink, an Old Smuggler blended scotch. It’s vital to know that, in comparison to other Indian states, alcohol is relatively pricey here. This is a result of Gujarat’s 65 percent alcohol VAT.

Tourists are allowed to buy liquor with a permit

You should be aware that there is a restriction on the quantity of alcohol you may purchase in any seven-day period, even with a permit. 

 A tourist with a liquor license is permitted to purchase one of the following items once every seven days, according to a friend of mine who has lived in Gujarat for many years. 

  1. 750 ml bottle of hard alcohol, such as whiskey, gin, rum, or vodka. 
  2. Three wine bottles 
  3. Ten 650 ml beer bottles 
  4. A little bottle of liquor and a beer/wine combo. 

It might be bought simultaneously or at various times. The vendor will determine your purchasing power and provide you with a price range.

Documents required for the Tourist/ Visitor Liquor Permit

  • Passport
  • Indian Visa
  • Date of Arrival in Gujarat
  • Driving License
  • Electricity Bill
  • BSNL Telephone Bill
  • Property Tax Bill

Know about Gujarat Tourist/ Visitor Liquor Permit

An authorized dealer or hotel in Gujarat can help foreign visitors who want to travel to the state of Gujarat and want to buy, possess, transport, use, and consume bottled alcohol get a liquor license. In addition to the aforementioned, Gujarat has a number of hotels and liquor stores that have been approved by the State Excise Department to sell alcohol to foreigners who possess valid liquor licenses.

List of Authorized Dealers and Hotels to Obtain Liquor Permit in Gujarat

Before leaving for Gujarat, a foreign visitor arriving in Mumbai can get a liquor permit from the Tourist Office of India, located at the Air India Building’s ground floor at Nariman Point, Mumbai, 400021, from Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 6:00 pm, with a valid foreign passport and Indian visa, and on Saturdays and holidays excluding January 26, August 15, and October 2 between 8:30 A.M. and 2:00 P.M.

To obtain a liquor permit in Gujarat, here is a list of authorized dealers and hotels in that state:

City  Authorized Dealers
Ahmedabad Cama Hotel, Khanpur, Ahmedabad
Riviera Hotel, Khanpur, Ahmedabad
Vadodara Saran Wines, RC Dutt Road, Vadodara
FP Patel & Company, Alkapuri, Vadodara
Surat HH & Sons, Lalgate, Surat
Hotel Oasis, Varachha Road, Surat
Rajkot Rajkot Wine Merchant Association, Dhebar Chowk, Rajkot
City Organizer Private Limited, Yagnik Road, Rajkot

FAQs about Tourist/ Visitor Liquor Permits in Gujarat

a) What is a liquor permit?
Ans. The permission permits the possessor to travel within any region of India where this restriction is in effect and to buy, own, carry, use, and consume bottled spirits.

b) What is the reason behind the ban on liquor in Gujarat?
Ans. As a memorial to Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, Gujarat outlawed alcohol in 1960. However, hooch, a kind of alcohol, is easily accessible and purportedly protected by the local police.

c) What is the age limit for drinking?
Ans. Illegal.

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