Gujarat Permit Liquor Price List 2023, New Whisky/ Rum/ Wine/ Beer Rates

Gujarat Permit Liquor Price List 2023, New Whisky/ Rum/ Wine/ Beer Rates: Since 1960, Gujarat has been a dry state, meaning that the sale and consumption of alcohol were prohibited. This prohibition was put in place by the Bombay Prohibition Act, which banned the sale of alcohol in Gujarat and other states in India. However, over the years, the government has relaxed its stance on alcohol in various ways, including allowing the sale of non-alcoholic beer and wine.

There were several reasons behind the implementation of the Bombay Prohibition Act. One of the main reasons was the belief that alcohol consumption was a social evil that led to several problems, including domestic violence, accidents, and crime. Moreover, alcohol was seen as a threat to public health and morality, and it was believed that the ban would improve the health and well-being of the people. Stay with the article till the end for all the information related to Gujarat Permit Liquor Price List 2023.

Gujarat Permit Liquor Price List

Another reason behind the ban was the political and social context of the time :

The prohibition movement was gaining momentum across India, and several states had already banned the sale and consumption of alcohol. The government of Bombay state, which included present-day Gujarat, saw the ban as an opportunity to show its commitment to the prohibition movement and to maintain law and order.

Over the years, the ban on the sale of liquor in Gujarat has been controversial. While some see it as a necessary step to promote public health and morality, others argue that it violates individual rights and hinders economic growth. The ban has also been criticized for fueling a black market for alcohol and leading to corruption and organized crime.

Despite the ban, alcohol consumption in Gujarat is not entirely prohibited. The state has several licensed liquor shops open only to non-Gujaratis, tourists, and permit holders. The permit holders can apply for a permit to purchase a limited amount of alcohol for personal consumption.

These permit holders can get a permit for liquor at the following places:

  • Hotels and restaurants with valid liquor licenses are in designated tourism zones.
  • Airports, seaports, and railway stations are located in designated tourism zones.
  • Privately-owned liquor shops located in designated commercial zones.

Currently, no data is available on the revenue generated by the Gujarat government from the sale of liquor in areas with restrictions. However, the move is expected to bring in significant revenue for the state government through excise taxes and licensing fees.

However, from April 1st, 2023, Gujarat, India, will end its status as a “dry state” and begin selling liquor. This decision, announced by the state’s government, has been met with enthusiasm and concern. Supporters of the move point to the potential for job creation and revenue generation, while opponents argue that alcohol can have negative social and health effects.

What are the policies for getting a permit for liquor?

With the announcement of the new policy, the government hopes to generate revenue and create jobs in the liquor industry. The state is known for its high excise duties, and the sale of alcohol is expected to bring in significant revenue.

The government has also stated that it will use the revenue generated from alcohol sales to fund various social welfare programs, such as healthcare and education; the exact amount of revenue generated from the sale of liquor is yet to be seen and will depend on factors such as the number of shops that are allowed to sell liquor and the level of demand from consumers.

However, there are concerns about the social and health effects of alcohol. Many people worry that alcohol consumption could lead to an increase in crime, domestic violence, and other social problems. There are also concerns about the health effects of alcohol, such as liver disease and addiction. Critics argue that the government should focus on promoting non-alcoholic beverages and healthy lifestyles instead of promoting the sale of alcohol.

Despite these concerns, the government has moved forward with its plan to allow the sale of liquor in Gujarat. The government has released a price list for various types of liquor, including whiskey, rum, wine, and beer.

Gujarat Liquor Price List 2023

The prices for these products are as follows:

Category Brand Price (in Rs.)
Whiskey Blender’s Pride 700
Whiskey Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve 2,500
Whiskey Johnnie Walker Black Label 3,200
Whiskey Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 3,500
Whiskey Chivas Regal 12 Year Old 3,800
Rum Old Monk Gold Reserve 650
Rum Bacardi Gold 1,400
Rum Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold 1,800
Rum Ron Zacapa Centenario 23 Year Old 6,000
Wine Grover Zampa La Reserve 1,000
Wine Sula Brut Tropicale 1,300
Wine Four Seasons Barrique Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 1,600
Beer Kingfisher Premium Lager Beer 150
Beer Budweiser Magnum Strong Beer 200
Beer Corona Extra Lager Beer 250
Beer Heineken Lager Beer 300

It is worth noting that these prices may change based on market demand and other factors.

Gujarat Permit Liquor Price List 2023

In conclusion, the recent decision by the Gujarat government to permit the sale of liquor in certain areas with restrictions marks a significant shift in the state’s alcohol policy. After decades of complete prohibition, the government has recognized the need to regulate the sale of liquor and generate revenue for the state. By allowing the sale of alcohol in designated tourism zones, commercial zones, and transportation hubs, the government hopes to create new jobs and boost the state’s economy.

However, the government has also implemented measures to ensure that the sale of liquor is regulated and does not cause any disturbance to the public.

Overall, the move to permit the sale of liquor in Gujarat with restrictions is a step toward balancing the state’s social, cultural, and economic aspects. While the success of this policy remains to be seen, the government is taking a pragmatic approach to the issue of alcohol regulation and revenue generation. It is hoped that this move will provide a model for other states in India to follow in developing their alcohol policies.

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