GPF Jharkhand 2023 Statement, Pay Slip Download Online

GPF Jharkhand 2023 Statement, Pay Slip Download Online Jharkhand State Government’s many departments are in charge of managing the state’s affairs. The division meets the requirements of the residents of Jharkhand. To give services to the people, the government engaged thousands of individuals in different industries. The processing of a significant number of wages, allowances, and pensions is done by the government using digital systems. The Jharkhand State Government is working with the Finance Department to update the website with the most recent staff wage information.  On the web interface, employees may view their GPF, pension information, and pay stubs.

The Ministry of Finance’s website is called Kuber Portal. gives representatives access to their GPF account balance, a status check, and their monthly and yearly salary. Check here all the information about GPF Jharkhand 2023 Statement, Pay Slip Download.

GPF Jharkhand Statment

About GPF Jharkhand Statment And Pay Slip Download

The portal allows employees to access the Jharkhand GPF account page and the GPF online statement.  All updates are communicated to employees, and they have access to all information. The Jharkhand GPFportal allows employees to submit grievances online, and the customer service staff successfully updates the employees’ knowledge of the most recent developments for those who are always pushing for improved outcomes. The construction of many development projects, including the Lumding-Koderma railway and the Chhotar Hydel project, is also anticipated to have a positive impact on the nation’s economy. These initiatives are anticipated to raise the nation’s GDP and raise the general level of living.

The complete process of downloading the GPF Jharkhand Statement and Payslip is provided below in the article. For this stay with the article till the end.

GPF Jharkhand 2023 Statement, Pay Slip Download –


Article about  GPF Jharkhand 2023 Statement, Pay Slip Download Online
Full Form  General provident fund
State  Jharkhand 
Year  2023
Official website
FAQs Mentioned below

A notification for the appointment of the Chief Engineer (GPF) for the state of Jharkhand has been made public. GPF’s goal is to help departments, organizations, and agencies collaborate on projects by facilitating and providing assistance for their execution. In order to guarantee effective project delivery, you will be held accountable for all facets of project facilitation and support service delivery.

Services of the Jharkhand GPF Portal

  • Information about GPF accounts is available to employees.  
  • You can download the yearly accounting report.  
  • Online GPF account ticket generation.  
  • You may download the monthly ticket in pdf format. 
  • Monthly Contribution Statement for GPF and CPF. 
  • Online GPF Advance Payment & Payment Application.

GPF Jharkhand Employee slip

Employees may easily register with a GPF number on the site in order to use it. Employees who are already enrolled in the “Employee Portal” do not need to complete any further registration. To use the online site, the employee has to provide their GPF number and password. The employee can reset their lost password via the online portal. 

The Employee Portal allows Jharkhand workers to quickly and easily access their financial data from a single HUB at any time. Only Jharkhand workers are eligible to apply online. This website may be accessed at How to get Jharkhand Salary Slips from the JKuber IFMS Application Platform has been explained by our staff. To get payroll, this information is helpful. We’ve also included a link to the official Kuber IFMS.

Procedure to Check Your GPF Account Balance in Jharkhand

Enter your personal information, including your Aadhaar number, IFSC code, and bank account, at You may view all the information about your bank accounts on one page by clicking the View Account Details button, which will transport you there. You may check your Jharkhand GPF account’s balance right now, and use mobile wallets or Internet banking to make any essential payments.

  • Visit the Finance Department’s website at by clicking the link.
  • Go to the menu and choose “employee portal.”
  • The only option to sign up as a new user is to click the “employee registration” page.
  • The “employee online registration form” option will show up on the page.
  • Enter all required information:
  • The number for the GPF/CPS mobile phone that is in operation.
  • Confirm the new password to continue.
  • the OTP key.
  • a security code.
  • Select “registration” after double-checking your details.
  • Customers may now log in using their credentials.
  • Choose the option to register for an account from the menu.
  • Next, enter the GPF number, and then press the process button.
  • The facts will be produced in a GPF statement and check the details by the system

Procedure to Online Download Jharkhand GPF Pay Slip 2023

We are happy to inform you that obtaining a 2023 Jharkhand GPF pay slip online is now simple. We provide a simple, easy solution that enables you to immediately get all the information you want regarding your pay stub. There is no need for any additional software or downloads because the process is entirely online. Simply complete the form and send it to our staff. The requested document will subsequently be made available to you in a short while. That’s it. You can now relax knowing that no matter where you are, you will always have access to your Jharkhand GPF pay slip 2023 online. 

  • Open the Jharkhand state financial website page at first.
  • From the main menu, choose e-services>GPF account system to log in.
  • Following that, enter your GPF number as both your login ID and password.
  • Once you’ve chosen your provident fund’s office, enter the captcha code.
  • Click the login button to get to the Jharkhand GPF employee page.
  • Click the GPF slip tab to choose the month you wish to view.
  • The system will produce the GPF information for that particular month.

Use the Forgotten Password

  • Visit the official website.
  • There is a failure to remember option on the landing page under the worker login option.
  • Choose that.
  • A form will be opened.
  • Fill out the form.
  • Choose the category of employee.
  • GPF or CPS number.
  • Telephone No.
  • The cellphone number that your DDO entered should be checked.
  • If the cellphone number is inaccurate, speak with your DDO to get it updated.
  • age at birth
  • Kind the password in.
  • By selecting the submit button, you will be given the option to update your password or reset it.

GPF Portal Beneficial for the Public

State income tax is a fairly straightforward but efficient method of raising money for the Jharkhand government. Individuals and corporations may electronically file their tax returns with the government and quickly get their refunds. The Income Tax Department is in charge of overseeing this program, which is also known as the GPF (Government Pay and Finance Personnel) Scheme. Due to the fact that neither businesses nor individuals are required to pay fees to third parties or use their services, the GPF system is convenient for both.

The GPF system makes it possible for the government to effectively collect taxes while also lowering operational expenses, which makes it a reliable source of income. You may use the GPF system online at, so you don’t have to be concerned about missing deadlines or interacting with unreliable third parties to file taxes and get payments. For quick and easy processing, go to the website below and complete the necessary forms, submit the necessary documents, and file your income tax return online.

FAQs About GPF Statement & Pay Slip Download

a) What if my GPF slip has a mistake?
Ans. If there is a mistake on your GPF slip, you can have it fixed by contacting your company or the Accountant General’s office.

b) Is it possible to take money out of my GPF account before I retire?
Ans. You can indeed take money out of your GPF account for particular needs like housing, healthcare, or education.

c) How do I get access to my 2023 Jharkhand GPF Slip?
Ans. Your Jharkhand GPF Slip 2023 is available online and offline. You must register on the government’s e-GPF portal and log in with your credentials in order to view it online. You must go to the GPF office of your department and get a copy if you want to access it offline.

d) What information is going to be on my Jharkhand GPF Slip 2023?
Ans. You may see information on your initial balance, subscriptions, interest that has accumulated, closing balance, and withdrawals on your Jharkhand GPF Slip 2023.

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