eSIM Setup Activation Method of Jio, VI, Airtel eSim Complete Step-by-Step Guide

eSIM Setup Activation Method of Jio, VI, Airtel eSim Complete Step-by-Step Guide: The word eSIM, which is one step ahead of this digital stage, stuns everyone. This is a settlement of Physical SIM into eSIM. Now all the new smartphones are approaching the compatibility of eSIM. So, you should get the details about the eSIM and check the service offered by the Service benefactor. eSIM is moderately very operative in saving both time and storage in the smartphone. So, we recommend you implement the eSIM in your smartphone and evade the use of physical SIM.

The three largest operators in our country—Jio, Airtel, VI, etc.—permit you to convert a physical SIM card into an electronic SIM card in India. The eSIM can only be utilized in a device that is made for an eSIM, though. So, here is a complete guide for all the available operators if you want to switch from your physical SIM to an eSIM in India. Check here for complete details of the eSIM Setup Activation Method of Jio, VI, and Airtel eSim.

About eSIM Setup Activation Method

eSIM is an entrenched sim card that can link to any network operator without a physical sim card. The network worker should support eSIM amenities. You can straight allow an eSIM card over your smartphone. Your mobile phone should also be well-matched with eSIM in India. However, eSIMs are not typical, so very few mobiles support them. Amongst them are the new iPhones (beginning with Apple iPhone 11) or the Google Pixel gadgets.

In India, the eSIM has yet to begin. But in some nations, the eSIM service has been ongoing, and they also use it on their smartphone. But in the impending days, India will also become a nation that uses the eSIM Service on Airtel, JIO, VI, and other operators. To get all the detailed information about the eSIM Setup Activation Method of Jio, VI, and Airtel, read the article carefully till the end.

eSIM Setup Activation Method

Benefits of eSIM

  • eSIM can save space inside your smartphone. eSIM replaces the slide-in sim slot with an involved fused eSIM. Dissimilar to a physical SIM card, it does not require any exact card slot.
  • An eSIM in India permits you to alter your network operative merely over a phone call or by hovering an appeal online.
  • eSIMs can store numerous network outlines, and it works flawlessly crossways the world. This is an excellent selection for someone who voyages a lot.
  • Losing an eSIM is improbable and linked to a physical sim card. Once you permit and set up the eSIM, you can never misplace it. It is a hardware chip on your device. You misplace your eSIM only if you mislay or disrupt your smartphone.

Procedure to activate eSIM on Jio

Make sure your mobile is well-matched with JIO eSIM. You can check it through the authorized Jio Internet site.

  • Open Settings and then click on About. After that, check your EID and IMEI number
  • Now send an SMS by typing GETESIM. Then give the 32 Digit EID. After that, please enter the 5 Digit IMEI and send it to 199 from your Android phone having a lively Jiosim
  • You will get a 19-digit eSIM number. You will also get your eSIM profile configuration particulars
  • Now again, send an SMS typing SIMCHG, give the 19 Digit eSIM number and send it to 199
  • It will give you a piece of information on the eSIM dispensation after 2 hours
  • Once you’ve received the message, confirm it by sending 1 to 183.
  • You will now receive a call at your JIO number. The call will ask you to give your 19-digit eSIM number
  • You will soon get a validation message to authorize your new eSI

Procedure to activate eSIM on Airtel

  • The initial step is to send an SMS by typing eSIM. After that, give space and your listed email ID. Please send it to 121.
  • If your email ID is legal, you will soon receive a memorandum from 121 confirming the eSIM procedure.
  • You must answer this SMS by clicking 1.
  • Now, you will receive another SMS from 121 for giving consent through a call.
  • You will once more receive a message from 121 asking for the QR code after reaching a consensus. The message has been directed to your registered email ID.

Remember, the activation procedure can take up to 2 hours with Airtel. So, if it still needs to be stimulated, interact with patron support.

Way to activate eSIM on VI

  • So first, you are required to send an SMS by typing eSIM. After that, give space and give your registered email ID. Please send it to 199
  • An approval note will reach you soon only if your email ID is precise.
  • Now respond to the SMS by typing ESIMY to approve
  • You will again get an SMS asking for consensus through a call
  • After approval, a message will be delivered to your email ID with a QR code

Steps to activate eSIM on Android phones

  • Open Settings and hit on Connections
  • Now open Sim Card Manager and click on Add Mobile Plan
  • After this, choose the Add Using QR Code selection
  • You must now scan the QR code you received in the mail and adhere to further instructions.
  • After scanning, click Add to add the eSIM to your phone.

If you are using Jio on your Android phone, then you must trail some somewhat different steps that are stated below:

  • Underneath Add Using QR Code, you will see an Enter Code Instead selection
  • Click on it and give the activation code like this:  type ‘LPA:1$$’, then provide a space and then provide the32-digit initiation code that you get via SMS/email and tap on Connect
  • Your Jio eSIM is now activated. It is accessible through the SIM Card Manager.

Steps to activate eSIM iOS

  • Open Settings and click on Mobile Data
  • Choose to Add Data Plan
  • Now scan the QR code you received in your mail
  • After scanning again, choose to Add Data Plan and select the Data Plan Labels conferring to what you
  • Tap on Continue. Your eSIM is fully stimulated and arranged.

Trail these steps to permit the eSIM on your iOS device if you are using a Jio Sim card:

  • In the Add Data Plan selection, choose to Enter particulars automatically
  • You will see an SM-DP+ address column. There, type there
  • Now give the Activation Code you got in the eSIM profile formation SMS
  • After this, click on Next in the top right angle. Now, your eSIM will be stimulated.

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