Electric Vehicle EV Charging Station Franchise Dealership 2023: TATA, PlugNgo

Here You will get information like How to Open Car and Bike Electric Vehicle Charging Station/ Franchises in India. also the cost of starting the EV station. and dealership of  TATA Power, EV PlugNgo, and Charge+Zone Charging Station. Also, there is some Dealership Investment Cost, which is given in the articles. and get detailed information regarding the Process to Apply Online and the Companies List in India.

Today with the help of this article, we will provide all details regarding the Electric Vehicle Charging Station Franchise / Dealership with you. Along with that, we will also share the franchise costs, requirements, and eligibility standard as well as companies that ensures electric charging station franchises in Indian states.

Electric Vehicle EV Charging Station Franchise

If anyone is searching for a new business that can provide you profit in the near future. Then the electric charging station is one of the best available options. As we all are aware that the demand for electric vehicles is increasing rapidly day by day in our society. Nowadays all the leading four-wheeler, as well as two-wheeler manufacturers, are launching their four-wheelers and two-wheeler in Indian markets.

The Companies that are passionately working for electric vehicles are- Tata, Hyundai, Morrison garage, Mahindra, and Nissan. The two-wheeler manufacturing companies are also initiating two-wheeler electric scooters along with bikes in India. EV charging station franchise cost is very low in India.

Various Companies such as Okinawa, Ather, UV, Ampere, Stella, TVS, Hero Electric, Honda, Ola, A Simple One Automobile, Revolt Motors, Pure EV, Joy e-Bike, Komaki, Kabira Mobility, and many others are also working on it.

Consequently, in the upcoming years, the market for electric scooters will increase rapidly. If anyone is keenly interested in Electric Vehicle charging Station Franchise 2023, then they can invest in this business as a kind of future aspect. Through this article, we will cover every basic point associated with the electric two-wheeler and four-wheeler charging station franchise.

What is the EV electric charging station?

Before going to an electric charging station dealership, first of all, we would like to explain what the charging station is. Basically, it is a station or region at which there is an availability of charging ports. It is designed in such a manner that it can easily charge electric two-wheelers as well as four-wheelers. This has also been designed to manage high voltage/ power in order to charge electric vehicles.

All-Electric vehicles are completely dependent upon the batteries that are installed inside the vehicle itself. There is no choice of diesel or petrol in these vehicles. So one can charge their vehicle at these charging stations at a time when its power is low.

If your charging station provides fast charging, then it will surely increase your demand and business as well. As nowadays everyone requires fast charging. The stock charger that comes along with the scooter is a regular charger and that will evidently take 4 to 5 hours for a complete charge.

Why one should set up an EV charging station in India?

The First thing that comes to your mind that why I should set up an EV charging station in India. We would like to discuss the advantages of charging stations with this article:-

  • We all know that Electric vehicles are the future of India. Also, the demand for electric vehicles is increasing rapidly in the last few years. If you set up a charging station in India then this will definitely provide you benefits.
  • In case if you ensure fast charging, then you can easily fascinate electric vehicle owners to avail of your services. As the stock charger does not support fast charging.
  • One should set up fast-charging stations in parking areas, shopping malls, tourist places, busy markets, and inside big as well as small industries. As it will be a very good option for you.
  • Another advantage to setting up a charging station is that it appears to be quite a low investment. The cost of investment cost is also different from company to company.

Companies that Provide EV Charging Station In India

At present in India, there are around 10 major companies that assist electric vehicle charging stations franchise to everyone. One can select any one of these if one desires to start up a new business.

List of Companies that provides EV- Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in India:

  1. Tata Power (Mumbai) – TATA EV charging station franchise cost
  2. Okaya Power Group (Delhi)
  3. Volttie (Noida)
  4. Numocity (Bangalore)
  5. P2 power solution (Noida)
  6. Exicom Power Systems (Gurgaon)
  7. Magneta Group (Navi Mumbai)
  8. Charge My Gaddi (Delhi)
  9. EVQ Point (Bengaluru)
  10. Charge+ Zone (Vadodara)

EV Charging Station Investment Cost

For anyone who desires to inaugurate any new business, then the first thing that comes to their mind is the cost of investment needed in that business. The Investment cost to start up a charging station business varies from company to company. This may vary between 1 lakh to 10 lakh Rupees in most Indian states.

There is a big difference in investment costs. It completely depends on the standard of the company, power output, and handling charges, setup charges. It varies from one company to another.

The particulars according to the charger type as well as power output are mentioned below:-

Charger Type Output Power Charger Cost
Bharat AC-001 3.3 70000
Bharat DC-001 15 240000
Type 2 AC 22 125000
CHAdeMO 50 14,50,000
CCS 50 14,40,000

Another Set-up Cost:

New electricity connection 750000 Rs
Civil work 250000 Rs
Maintenance cost 350000 Rs
Land lease 600000 Rs

Electric Vehicle Charging Station setup Basic Requirements

In order to set up a charging station, one requires some infrastructure that is as given below:-

  1. Parking space for charging a vehicle
  2. Local Certifications
  3. Efficient civil work
  4. Proximity to a transformer
  5. Connection to any renewable source in case if the transformer is not available

Estimated Revenue for a Normal Public Charging Station

Description Year-1
15% CUF
25% CUF
In Year-3
40% CUF
65% CUF
85% CUF
Total in 5 Year
Electricity Sold to EVs/Year (kWh)
Per day Maximum: 3240
X Day Per Year: 360
Considered as 100% CUF
1.74,960 2,91,600 4,66,560 7,58,160 9,91,440 26,82,720

The Estimated Revenue (INR)

The margin on Electricity Tariff – 2.5 Rs
4,37,400 7,29,000 11,66,400 18,95,400 24,78,600 67,06,800
Determined Margin on Electricity Tariff In
1st and 2nd Year – 3.0 Rs
3rd and 4th year – 2.5 Rs
5th Year Onward – 2.0 Rs
5,24,880 8,87,800 11,66,400 18,95,400 19,82,880 64,44,360
OPEX From Table 1- 972,000 8,22,000 8,22,000 8,22,000 8,22,000 42,60,000
EVSE Management
Software Free – 10% of Net Margin
Total OPEX Scenario-A 49,30,680
EVSE Management
Software Free – 10% of Net Margin
Total OPEX Scenario-B 49,04,436
Net Revenue Scenario-A 17,76,120
Net Revenue Scenario-B 15,39,924

EV Charging Station Basic Requirements

Type of Charger Charger Connector Voltage Rated No of Charging Points (Connector Guns)
Fast Charging CCS (Min 50 KW) 200-1000 1/1 CG
CHAdeMO (Min 50 KW) 200-1000 1/1 CG
Type-2 AC (Min 22 KW) 380-480 1/1 CG
Normal (Slow/Moderate) Charging Bharat DC-001 (15 KW) 72-200 1/1 CG
Bharat AC-001 (10 KW) 230 3/3 CG of 3.3 KW Each

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Franchise

At present, there are certain companies that can provide franchises in India.

  • Charge+ Zone
  • Dyna Hi-Tech Power Systems
  • PlugNGo
  • Tata Power
  • Statiq

TATA Electric Vehicle Charging Station Franchise

  1. TATA is one of the oldest and most trustworthy companies among all the above-mentioned names that give you a franchise.
  2. If you are keenly interested in Tata then you can easily contact them through their business website.
  3. For this, you need to open the official website of Tata Power. On the official page, you will get EV charging solutions that are located under the Tata Power company.
  4. When you go to the home page then there are three options accessible to you.
  5. This says- I am looking for an EV charging solution for fleet organizations, offices and workplaces, malls, and hotels.
  6. As per your name, you can select and then hit on the click here button.
  7. Consequently, you will be redirected to a new page which is particularly a business inquiry page.
  8. On that page you need to enter your name, company, mobile number, email address, and department (Billing, HR, Project, SED, etc.).
  9. Kindly select your option from the department section. Now write a comment regarding the business goals and about this company.
  10. After that fill in the given captcha code. Then click on the submit button. Following this, the company will contact you automatically.
  11. You can also contact the company through their email address:-  [email protected].

The PlugNGO Charging Station Franchise

  • In case if you are interested in PlugNGO, then you can go for this also.
  • For this franchise, you need to open the official website of the company. That is- www.plugngo.co.in.
  • On the homepage, you will get one option that is named a partner with us. Click on that. Consequently, you will see the franchise operators.
  • As soon as you click on that, the options will appear that is- franchise model 1, model 2, and model 3.

Model 1 PlugNGo

In this first model, it is EV charging outlets for electric cars, e-3W, and e-2W. It is a business model through which the company will ensure a franchise for the daily needs of electric vehicles.

Requirements of Model 1 Franchise:-

  1. The 3 EV chargers will be installed at the respective outlet.
  2. Parking space for vehicles is around 800 to 1000 square feet at which four-vehicle car parking Bays are needed.
  3. The Electricity load of the area transformer should be 100 KW to 140 KW
  4. If you have single land then there is a minimum agreement of 10 years with the landowner.
  5. There must be the availability of 24 X 7 manpower together with the operation of the charging station.
  6. Along with the availability of network connection as well as electronic Billboard at the outlet.
  7. The PlugNgo software app for controlling the operation.
  8. At the charging station, there should also be the availability of a Canopy, security cameras, fire extinguishers, Signage/ branding at entry, and network connectivity needs extra.
  9. For more details, one can download the company Brochure from here:- Download Here.

Model 2 Franchise:-

  • This franchise is given for the charging of e 3W and e 2W.
  • Under this, an 18 KW charger will be installed at the outlet.
  • The parking space needed is 200 square feet.
  • The total electricity load should be 20 KW.
  • For this franchise, you need to provide land.
  • Some other features are the same as those given in model 1.

The Model 3:-

  • For this franchise, there is a need for an 18 KW AC/DC charger along with a 13 KW DC charger installed at the outlet.
  • There is a need for 400 to 500 square feet area for vehicle parking at the time of charging.
  • Also, the minimum availability of electricity load is 50 KW.
  • Other needs are the same as mentioned in model 1.
  • For this PlugNgo EV charging station franchise, you can also contact through the official website of the company and their email address. One can also write them at the registered office as well as the corporate office address.

The Registered Office Address:

  • E-5, first floor, Connaught Place, New Delhi 110001.
  • Mobile Number:- 011- 43550176
  • Email Address:- [email protected]
  • Corporate Office Address
  • B-152, first floor, sector 6 Noida, U.P. 201301
  • Mobile Number:- 0120-4088009

Charge+Zone EV Vehicle Charging Station Franchise

Charge+Zone is also doing fabulous work in the field of manufacturing electric charging stations. They have to make a user-friendly mobile phone app for EV drivers to find charging stations easily. These charging networks are obtainable all over India.

  1. If anyone is interested in the Charge+Zone franchise then they can call on this phone number +91-7227025948 or they can WhatsApp:- 91-72269 99590.
  2. People can also contact the company through their email address:- [email protected]
  3. Some other particulars regarding this franchise are accessible on their mobile app. One can easily download this mobile app as it is available on both Android as well as IOS platforms.

Direct Link for Android App:- Download Here

IOS App Direct Link:- Download Here

We expect that all the information regarding setting up an EV charging station in your city or town, Also franchise-related details are helpful for you. If you still have any issues or queries then you can ask questions through the comment section given below. We will surely provide an answer to your question as early as possible.

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