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EDAM Entertainment Audition 2023, New IU, Age Limit, Apply Online @edam-ent.com: To begin with, a special thanks to all our regular viewers to read our articles patiently. Similarly, in this article, In brief, Kakao Entertainment is the parent company of the South Korean musical label and entertainment company EDAM Entertainment. In the meantime, after managing IU for twelve years, Bae Jong Han founded it in the year 2020. Specifically, the spelling of EDAM is the reverse form of the word MADE. Therefore, the Korean meaning of this name denotes a desire to work towards bringing about a better world for future generations. Here we will read about EDAM Entertainment Audition 2023, New IU, Age Limit, and Apply Online.

About EDAM Entertainment Audition 2023

In summary, Kakao M founded EDAM Entertainment in 2020 to guide their experienced soloist IU. Particularly, the meaning of the word EDAM is to desire to work towards bringing about a better world for future generations. In fact, the name EDAM is the reverse word of “Made.” Therefore, we want to break down barriers between generations and be a leader in the entertainment sector.

EDAM Entertainment Audition

Although, as a company that not only gets love but also offers love, as well as a company that dreams big but also acts on those aspirations, we stand at the cutting edge of the worldwide entertainment industry. For this purpose, we are an organization that appreciates individuals above anything else. Hence, EDAM will put every effort into realizing our objectives and enhancing the beauty of the new world. There are a group of performers who are part of EDAM Entertainment:-

  1. The Fantasy Boys.
  2. Boys Planet; Momoko Okazaki.
  3. Peak Hours.
  4. LUN8 • Ricky (a competitor on Boys Planet).

EDAM Entertainment Audition 2023 – Highlights

Name Of The Topic
  • Edam Entertainment Audition 2023
  • New Iu Auditions Age Limit, Apply Online
Industry Music & Entertainment
Parent Company Kkao Entertainment
Age Limit For Audition 14 Years
Established Year 2020
Official Website Click Here

EDAM Entertainment Audition 2023, New IU

  1. Particularly, the CEO of EDAM Entertainment, who has been by IU’s service since her debut, founded the company, and this is the first time the organization has conducted an audition to choose trainees.
  2. Since its founding first time, EDAM Entertainment is looking for its next IU. For this reason, they are seeking artists similar to IU.
  3. Specifically, EDAM Entertainment, announced on social media that they are holding their first audition since being established to find their next IU.
  4. For this purpose, EDAM Entertainment stated in the published notice that they were looking for an artist with a diverse range of skills.
  5. In short, EDAM Entertainment is looking for an artist with a diverse range of skills because it is innovative and turns conventional ideas on their heads. Therefore we request that many individuals sign up.
  6. In particular, there are no restrictions on nationality, sex, age, or education, and they are taking applications from both actors and vocalists.
  7. Moreover, e-mail is the preferred method of application submission and those who pass the initial document screening will move on to an offline audition process.
  8. In addition, IU and EDAM Entertainment agreed to an exclusive contract in January of last year.

Steps to Online Apply for EDAM Entertainment Audition 2023

There is no such restriction in this audition in terms of age, gender, education, and nationality accordingly.

Step 1:- Video uploading process 

  • Particularly, for singers you must have to send a video of singing 1K=pop song/1 pop song(Free song selection/total 2 songs)
  • Specifically, for singer/actor(no genre restriction) each video less than 10 minuts mp4 formats/less than 50 mb
  • In short, please avoid uploading videos with poor sound quality.
  • Video must show your specialty such as dancing/ singing with playing an instrument.

Step 2:- Profile image uploading (acting) process

  • Front close-up image/front left and right upper body image/full body image(total 5 images) in JPG/PNG format accordingly.
  • For this purpose, a photo must be the original photo

Step 3:- Profile image uploading (Singer)

  • You must have to upload the front upper body image in JPG/PNG format accordingly.
  • For this purpose, a photo must be the original photo
  • Generally, you must have to apply through an online e-mail submission which is [email protected]
  • At the same time, while submitting an e-mail, the e-mail subject should be EDAM audition/audition/application field)singer or acting) name_date of birth
  • Moreover, The process of audition:-e-mail submission application material review(1st round) offline individual audition(2nd round)successful selected candidates(final round)

FAQ about EDAM Entertainment Audition 2023

Q.1 How do I contact EDAM Entertainment by email?
Ans. Please report to EDAM Entertainment by email at [email protected], and requests IU Charts on Twitter.

Q.2 What age must you be to try out for Edam Entertainment?
Ans. Underage applicants for the audition are welcome. Minors under the age of 14 may apply, but they must also submit their contact information and consent to the audition of their legal guardian.

Q.3 Can I attend an Edam Entertainment audition?
Ans. They can, yes. Please submit the application documents along with the necessary supplies by completing them in the same manner as domestic applicants.

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