Dry Days List in India 2023 PDF Download – Check the State-wise List of Dry Days

Dry Days List in India 2023 PDF Download – Now, you can check out the state-wise list of dry days or non-liquor days across India. As you must be aware of Alcohol Laws in India, there are some days when the sale of alcohol is strictly prohibited. Especially, the sale is not allowed in the places like – bars, pubs, clubs, and liquor shops. And those days are known as “Dry Days” in India. So, you won’t find any alcohol to buy on dry days hence you should know the Dry Days list.

But there are different rules and regulations according to different states. Also, there may be different dates or days for every individual state in India. In this blog post, you will get to know the State-wise list of dry days in India. Furthermore, we have shared the complete and updated PDF List of Dry Days in India 2023. People can continue reading this article ahead to know more information.

Dry Days List in India 2023

As we have told you above, A dry day is a day or date on which the government prohibits alcohol sales in shops, clubs, bars, etc. The dry days are specific holidays, such as the major national festivals and occasions. Such as Independence Day on August 15, Gandhi Jayanti on October 2, Republic Day on January 26, etc. And as you know these days are very special and emotional days for our country. Hence, this is the main reason why the sale of alcohol is banned on dry days.

Also, you must be wondering why these specific days are called Dry Days. So as the name suggests itself Dry means “prohibition of alcohol”. And many people don’t want them at those times; so it’s called “dry”. However, only the sale is forbidden but the consumption is not. So, if you want to drink alcohol you may drink it but you can’t purchase it. Dry days are the ones when there is a government holiday or a state-level holiday due to an election also. Thus, some states also, prohibit the sale of alcoholic beverages on certain holidays.

Dry Days List in India PDF Download

Key Highlights of Dry Days List PDF 2023

Article About Dry Days List in India 2023 PDF Download
Name “Dry Days”
Announced By Government of India
Authority Excise Department
Types of Dry Days
  1. National Dry Days
  2. State-Level Dry Days
  3. Special or Other Dry Days
Year 2023
Total Dry Days 18 to 20
Dry Days List PDF Download Here
Post-Category PDF List

Dry Days List in India 2023 – Yearly (Updated)

The followings are the general list of dry days in India in different months. Furthermore, you may download the Dry Days list in India PDF from the link.

January 2023 Dry days:

  • 14 January: Makar Sankranti – Saturday
  • 26 January: Republic Day – Wednesday
  • 30 January: Mahatma Gandhi Death Anniversary – Sunday

February 2023 Dry days:

  • 19 February: Chhatrapati Shivaji Mahavir Jayanti – Saturday
  • 26 February: Swami Dayanand Saraswati Jayanti – Saturday

March 2023 Dry days:

  • 1 March: Maha Shivratri – Tuesday
  • 18 March: Holi – Friday

April 2023 Dry days:

  • 10 April: Ram Navami – Sunday
  • 14 April: Ambedkar Jayanti – Thursday
  • 14 April: Mahavir Jayanti – Thursday
  • 15 April: Good Friday – Friday

May 2023 Dry days:

  • 1 May: Maharashtra Day (Maharashtra) – Saturday
  • 3 May: Eid ul-Fitr – Tuesday

July 2023 Dry days:

  • 10 July: Ashadi Ekadashi – Sunday
  • 13 July: Guru Purnima – Wednesday

August 2023 Dry days:

  • 8 August: Muharram – Monday
  • 15 August: Independence Day – Monday
  • 18/19 August: Janmashthami – Thursday, Friday
  • 31 August: Ganesh Chaturthi – Wednesday

September 2023 Dry days:

  • 9 September: Anant Chaturdashi – Friday

October 2023 Dry days:

  • 2 October: Gandhi Jayanti – Sunday
  • 5 October: Dussehra – Wednesday
  • 8 October: Prohibition Week (Maharashtra) – Saturday
  • 9 October: Eid-e-Milad – Sunday
  • 9 October: Maharishi Valmiki Jayanti – Sunday
  • 24 October: Diwali – Monday

November 2023 Dry days:

  • 4 November: Kartiki Ekadashi – Friday
  • 8 November: Guru Nanak Jayanti – Tuesday

December 2023 Dry days:

  • 25 December: Christmas – Sunday

What is the Reason for Dry Days in India?

As you all want to know the real reason behind the Dry Days in India. So the answer would be that in India there are many different religions practiced by people. Hence, in many religions alcohol is prohibited to consume. So, at the time of festivals or any religious occasion, it will be bad to drink alcohol. Therefore, it may hurt the sentiments of some people of those religions. Thus, the government has made rules and policies to solve this problem. And they came up with the Dry Days Rule in India, but the date of dry days may be different for every state. However, we will suggest you follow the rules and remember the Dry Days list of your state.

State-wise List of Dry Days in India 2023

In our country India, Liquor is enjoyed by people in most states. Those who drink regularly might know what a dry day is. In case, you don’t know please note that it is illegal to sell or deliver Alcohol on a dry day. There are many Dry Days in 2023 that you should know if you buy liquor regularly. So, before you go out to buy your favorite alcohol, check the below-mentioned State-wise list of all the dry days in 2023.

List of Dry Days in Delhi:
Date Occasion
26 January Republic Day
16 February Mahashivaratri
15 August Independence Day
2nd October Gandhi Jayanti
List of Dry Days in Rajasthan:
Date Occasion
26th January Republic Day
30th January Martyrs’ Day
18th February MahaShivaratri
4th April MahavirJanmaKalyanak
30th March Rajasthan Formation Day
15th August Independence Day
2nd October Gandhi Jayanti
List of Dry Days in Maharashtra:
Date  Occasion
26 January Republic Day
30th January Martyr’s Day
1st May Maharashtra Day
29th June AshadiEkadashi
15 August Independence Day
2nd October Gandhi Jayanti
23rd November KartikiEkadashi
List of Dry Days in Karnataka:
Date  Occasion
26 January Republic Day
15 August Independence Day
2nd October Gandhi Jayanti
6th September NandwaniJayanti
List of Dry Days in Tamil Nadu:
Date  Occasion
16th January Thiruvalluvar
26th January Republic Day
31st March VadalurRamalingaAdikalarJothi
18th February MahaShivaratri
15th August Independence Day
2nd October Gandhi Jayanti
27th September Eid al-Mawlid (Milad-un-Nabi)
List of Dry Days in Kerala:
Date  Occasion
1st January New Year Day
26th January Republic Day
15th August Independence
29th September SreeNarayana Guru Jayanti
2nd October Gandhi Jayanti
List of Dry Days in West Bengal:
Date  Occasion
26 January Republic Day
22nd April Eid-Ul-Fitr
28th and 29th June Eid al-Adha
15th August Independence Day
6th and 7th September Janmashtami
2nd October Gandhi Jayanti
24th October Dussehra

Note – This Dry Day List of India is only for the year 2023 so, the date is according to occassion and festivals for this year. Hence, the dry days list may be different for every year. Also, to get updates related to Dry Days List, stay connected to our website www.hindiprocess.com.

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