GNCT of Delhi Salary Slip 2023, Download Payslip Online, Login

GNTC Of Delhi Salary Slip 2023, Download Payslip Online, Login The GNTC of Delhi Salary Slip 2023, or GNTC, will be released very soon by the Delhi Government on its official website,, as it is under the control of the Integrated Financial Management Information System. GNTC of Delhi Government Employees presently working in the various government service departments has the complete facility to download Employee Salary Slip from the IFMS Delhi Portal or their Android app, which you must download using login id details. The salary slip can quickly get from that.

About GNCT of Delhi Salary Slip 2023

The FULL OF GNCTD is “The Government of National Territory of Delhi”. They are responsible for the government employees of Delhi, who get time-to-time salary slips regularly. They keep complete track of employees from their basic salary to allowance to their salary deduction, which is very important for the employees for their income tax return files.

All official sites where they can download the salary slip to see the salary slip regularly;

  • If they want the GNTC of Delhi GPF Statement of 2023, they can Download the PF slip from
  • If they have the education result, they can download it from his site Delhi NMMS Result 2023 on, which will come in a Merit List PDF file.
  • If they want monthly salary slips, they can visit the site, where DDA Pay Slip 2023 will come.

GNCT of Delhi Salary Slip 2023, Download Payslip Online, Login

GNCTD has done in this year 2023 a more improved version of the salary slip format where employees can see more accurate salary slips with more transparency of salary slips and with fewer errors, and employees can see the salary processed things also. Check here for details related to GNCT of Delhi Salary Slip 2023, Download the Payslip Online, and Login

GNCTD Salary Slip 2023 Login – Overview

Article Name Download the GNCT of Delhi Employees salary slip 2023
Title Releasing of the IFMS by the GNCT of Delhi Employees Pay Slip 2023
Year 2023
Official website
For salary slip
IFMS Delhi Official App IFMIS Delhi Mobile App
Uses Full details of salary slip for Income tax
Post Type Salary Slip

Functional Components of GNCT of Delhi Pay Slip 2023

In this component of GNCT, which covers employees’ salary slips in which their earnings are shown, the deduction is shown, and the net pay is also shown. Here are the components of the GNCT of Delhi Salary Slip 2023.

  1. Basic Pay: In this, the employees receive a fixed amount every month, called Basic Pay.
  2. Dearness Allowance [DA]: In this, the cost-of-living allowance of the employees, which is calculated from the basic salary of the employees, is called Dearness Allowance.
  3. House Rent Allowance [HRA]: In this, the employees who stay in a rented house in which an allowance is given to the employees.
  4. Transport Allowance [TA]: In this, the employees have the facilities that the Transport allowance is given to them wherever it is traveling by any means of transportation.
  5. Medical Allowance [MA]: In This allowance, the employee’s medical expenses are covered.
  6. Provident Fund [PF]: In this fund, this is mandatory for all employees. Provident fund is deducted from the salary and deposited in the PF Funds.
  7. Income Tax [IT]: in this fund, the employee’s Income Tax is deducted from the salary and deposited to the government.

Delhi Salary Slip 2032 System: Benefits

It is an essential and crucial document for the employees where the employee can see them. And get information about essential pay scales to allowance, deduction, and net pay. The revised salary slips system has many benefits, as follows:

  • Transparency: In which employees can see their salary slips online with all the details like – basic pay, allowance, to deduction to net pay, where employees get the transparency of their salary slips.
  • Convenience: The revised salary slip system has become convenient for all Delhi government employees. Where they see the salary slip online and can download and take print anywhere they want and anytime they want.
  • Timeliness: In this new system, employees get time-to-time salary slips where they can plan their financial plans and avoid financial difficulties.
  • Accuracy: In the new system, the errors are very few, and the employees get on-time salary slips with the correct amount of their salary.

GNTC of Delhi Salary Slip 2023 Download Online Process

The Delhi Government, GNTC is responsible for the government employees to give the salary every month. The Delhi Government has made it very easy for all government employees as they can access their salary slips online too. The following are the steps employees can take to access their alar slip online.

  1. Visit the website: Employees of the Delhi government should visit this website for salary slips which are which is the official website.
  2. Click on IFMS Link: Once your official website starts, you have to click on too home page of the IFMS Delhi link.
  3. Click on the payroll system link: after clicking on a link, the IFMS Delhi website will open. The link is, where you must click the payroll system link.
  4. Enter the login details: The Delhi payroll login web page is From this, the page will open, and you have to enter login details and then click the submit button.
  5. Download salary slip: From the menu, you have select salary slip, and, on the screen, the monthly salary slip will be displayed. You must first download it and then take the printouts for your records.

IFMS (GNTC) Delhi Mobile App Download

As the government of Delhi, the GNTC has made it easy for all government employees to exceed the salary slip in no time. They have created a mobile app where employees can see their salary slips and download them. Where employees must register their employee IDs, and they can successfully open the app. And where employees can view their salary slips from where they started the job. The only thing they have to enter is the month and year they want the salary slip.

In this case, they can see their annual GPF statement, showing them their monthly contributions, withdrawal of funds, refunds, and interest calculations. The IFMS Delhi Mobile App provides all this; from this app, employees can view their personal views for their salary slips.

FAQs Related to GNCT of Delhi Salary Slip 2023

Q. This Salary Slip GNTC for only Delhi Government employees?

Yes, this system is only created for Delhi government employees.

Q. Is the salary slip can be seen online?

Yes, salary slips can be seen online; you can download and print them anywhere you want.

Q. On this website, we can see all the details of the salary slips.

Yes, you can see all the details of the salary, your net, your allowance, deduction, net salary, and much more related Salary slip.

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