CHEGG EPD Payment Dashboard The Expert payment dashboard contains payment information for the month of January 2023. Payments for January 2023 have been completed. Once a month, we process payments for Experts. Payments for solutions submitted in the previous month between January 1 and December 31 are processed through NEFT bank transfers by the 15th of the month. If you’re looking for CHEGG EPD REGISTRATION or PAYMENT DASHBOARD details then kindly read the complete article till the end.

How are transactions handled in CHEGG?

For all of an expert’s valid responses submitted between January 1 and February 31, 2023, for instance, payments will be received by March 15 of that year.

To access your payment details, go to your CHEGG EPD payment dashboard:-

  1. You must take action, create or set up a password when you initially register using your registered email address (Ignore if already signed up).
  2. Click the link to Generate New Password in your email inbox.
  3. Sign in at using the new password.
  4. To view your monthly earnings, click on the “Payment Certificate” link.


Will I be informed of the amount of my monthly payment?

  1. On or before the 13th (date) of the next month, you will receive information about your earnings for the previous month on the Expert Payment Dashboard (, and the appropriate payments will be sent to your bank account by the 15th.
  2. Please take note that you won’t be receiving any other payment-related emails.
  3. You must review your payment information on a professional payment dashboard (EPD).
  4. The profits shown on the portal represent the sum that is now being processed, has already been paid to you or will be paid if your bank or PAN information has not yet been validated.
  5. Open the web application only on a laptop or desktop if you want to see your details clearly.

Payment Lower (Pay percentage, bonus, if any)

Every month, our quality staff evaluates all of the answered questions through a number of tests, and the number of solutions is always in accordance with our database.

Any answer or question that does not follow one or more of the Q&A Answering Guidelines will not be paid out.

Moreover, we don’t divulge Bonus Calculations. Bonuses, if applicable, are subject to predetermined conditions and targets. You have not fully complied with the requirements if a payout includes less or no bonus. The determined payout is therefore definitive.

My bank account’s payment was reversed; what does that mean?

We kindly ask that you wait until January 22, 2023, to get your payments processed. If it is not processed, it implies your bank rejected it and your payment was returned. Don’t worry; we’ll try to process your payment again during the following payment cycle. Your money is safe with us.

Payments are reversed primarily for one or more of the reasons listed below:

  • The bank information you provided is inaccurate.
  • Your bank information relates to an account that is not active.
  • The bank information you supplied relates to an account that is JOINTLY held by many parties.
  • The name on file with us does not match the name on file with the bank.

Can my bank account be changed?

  1. We do not permit any system changes to Bank or Pan information. We only permit changes to bank data in cases of bank mergers/closures.
  2. In the event that the IFSC changes, we ask that you provide us with a copy of the updated passbook, checkbook, mobile passbook, SMS, or email from the bank that contains the new IFSC code.
  3. Please share with us the bank closure documentation, such as the updated passbook, SMS, or email from the bank, in order to close your account.
  4. When the verification is complete, we’ll update your bank information in our records.

Can I provide my parents’ or friends’ bank information?

The data that you provide belongs to you, so we need an account number that belongs to you.

We are sorry, but you are not allowed to enter account information that does not belong to you. If you do enter the account information that

Why was 10% TDS taken out of my payment?

We must deduct 10% TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) from all expert payments that we process in accordance with the Income Tax Rules.

Every quarter, we will give you a TDS certificate/Form 16 for all such deductions made, which you can use to claim an IT refund (if you’re entitled) when you file your income tax returns.

My TDS from March of this year is not reflected in Form 16 for the January to March 2020-2021 quarter, is it:-

As the payment was processed in the month of April 21, the TDS deducted in the month of March 21 will be reflected in your April month profits and in the TDS form for the quarter April-June 2021. For TDS submission, the payment credited per month is taken into account. I need to know how to obtain the TDS certificate for a specific quarter.

Please mail any requests for form 16A (TDS for all quarters) to your topic coordinator.

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