BYJU’S Tuition Centre Franchise Cost & Offline Classes, Requirements

Byju’s is an educational training program that works on a freemium model with free content access up to 15 days after registration. Launched in August 2015, it provides educational content for grades 4-12. for first-grade students and in 2019 the early learning program. started 1 to 3. The company is focused on adopting a hybrid model of teaching and learning by setting up 500 learning centers in 200 cities across India. As of February 2022, 80 centers have already been opened. To know more about BYJU’S Tuition Centre Franchise Cost & Offline Classes, Requirements to start BYJU’s learning center franchise, kindly go through the complete article below.

About BYJU’S Tuition Centre Franchise

BYJU’S was incorporated as Think and Learn Pvt Ltd in 2011 by teacher and engineer Byju Raveendran. Based in Bangalore, India, with offices in Palo Alto, California. The company has rapidly grown to become one of the world’s largest educational technology companies and one of India’s top five most valuable private Internet companies and became one.

His flagship product, BYJU’S “The Learning App”, was launched in India in 2015 and now worldwide he reaches over 100 million enrolled students and has 6.5 million paying subscribers annually. It holds students who spend an average of 71 minutes a day learning from educational content on the platform. In 2019, Disney, BYJU’s Early Learn App was launched in India, offering a personalized and interactive program for young learners.

BYJU'S Tuition Centre Franchise Cost & Offline Classes, Apply Online

However, if you’re also interested to start the BYJUs Tuition Centre Franchise or Offline Learning Center then you have to follow some guidelines by BYJUs. In the below section, we have covered all the important details regarding it.

Byju’s Offline Learning Classes/ Center – Highlights

Article about
  • BYJU’S Tuition Centre Franchise Cost
  • Offline Learning Classes/ Center
Category Franchise or Dealership
Who can apply Those who are interested in the same
How to apply Online mode
Targeting students 4th to 10th classes
Dealership cost NA
Total centers 500

Overview of BYJU’s Offline Centers

BYJUs has decided to open 500 physics learning centers in 200 cities in 2022 after a pilot project, highlighting the blended learning goals of the world’s most respected online teaching company. The first 80 centers launched under the pilot program received positive feedback, so BYJU’S will open 500 centers in 200 cities in 2022. Also, BYJU’s study center will create jobs for more than 10,000 people across India within a year of operation.

Byju’s Tuition Centre Franchise Requirements

According to Operations Manager Byju’s Mrinal Mohit, these study centers can be used by parents and students who want physical attention from teachers while studying. They are also getting very positive feedback from their first 80 centers. Li’s first company will launch these physics learning centers as a pilot project. Now that they are getting a good response, Byju’s is expanding their training centers across India to around 200 cities with 500 training centers. 10,000 people will get a chance to get a job in these educational centers. Byju’s company aims to have one million students in the next two years.

Byju’s reported a net loss of Rs 2,702.1 crore on an individual basis for the fiscal year 2021, up from a profit of Rs 7,390 crore in the previous year, according to the company’s latest filing with the Ministry of Enterprises (MCA).

How to open a BYJU’s Learning Centre Franchise?

In February 2022, BYJU’S announced that it was disassociating from its physical learning center. As a pilot project, they are establishing 80 study centers. Having received a good response from India, they now decide to expand their training centers to 500 in 200 cities.

  1. According to some news sites, Byju plans to franchise BYJU Study Center in several cities in India.
  2. When we searched for BYJU’S Study Center Franchise Business, we did not get any related information.
  3. According to the Internet portal Financial Express, the company itself plans to spend 200 million dollars on this project.
  4. Currently, this company has 115 million students registered online.
  5. So the company decided to invest $200 million in its offline learning centers.
  6. The Learning Center of BYJU’s is fully owned by the company and managed by the company itself. So it is clear that the company does not offer a franchise, distributor, or reseller agreement to anyone regarding BYJU Online Learning Center.

Benefits of BYJU’s Offline Classes

Their official website states that there are some differences between regular tutorials and this one. The first difference between regular education and homeschooling is that there is only one teacher. The teacher in regular education teaches a particular subject and clarifies your doubts. But there are two teachers in Byju’s Learning Centre.

One for teaching concepts and another for personal consideration and doubt-solving in the classroom. At the Byju Learning Center, you get personal attention from two teachers. The third advantage of this tutorial is the technical comprehensive classroom which is not available in regular tutorials. The next thing is to resolve doubts. In Byju classes, you will get instant doubt-solving lessons from their experienced teachers. The last thing is the parent meeting. Where monthly parent meetings provide mentor guidance and evaluation reports.

BYJU’S Learning Centre Franchise Cost

To date, there has been no official announcement to offer retailers and franchises for BYJU Tuition/ Learning Center. People spread rumors and take advantage of the innocent masses. Do not pay any amount to anyone.

The single instructor is the first distinction from regular tuition. You will have a teacher in regular tuition who will teach a specific topic and address your question. But there are two instructors at Byju’s Tuition Centre. One for providing individualized attention and resolving questions in the classroom, and one for teaching ideas. The franchise opening not only increases the pace of employment but also gives ample opportunities to students who want to gain practical knowledge.

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