Blackpink India Concert 2023 Ticket Price, Ticket Booking Online

Blackpink India Concert 2023 Ticket Price:- Blackpink is a south Korean Girl Group consisting of membersJisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa. Blackpink is Misic pop -band. They are announced at the Indian Concert 2023. This is excellent news for the Indian fan of Blackpink. They are conducting their concert on October 2023. This Indian tour is a part of their world tour, where they perform in different countries and conduct concerts. So, in this article, we will talk about the Blackpink India Concert 2023, and related aspects in-depth manner. To grab more information, read this article till the end.

Blackpink India Concert 2023 Ticket Price

As we already mentioned, Blackpink starts a world tour, and soon they conducted a concert in India. The Blackpink is a South Korea Pop Music-Band girl group. Members of this group are Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa. They announce an Indian tour after releasing their studio album Born Pink. You can check out the schedule below for venue and seating chart info and to get your BLACKPINK 2023 Tickets.

Blackpink has announced a world tour for their convert, so, they wander in various countries. They will visit just seven North American cities, including Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Hamilton, Chicago, Newark, and Los Angeles. If you can join the Blackpink, you can visit different countries, like New Zealand. Auckland, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, London, Etc.  So, anyone who wishes to visit the concert Blackpink, you have to know about booking a ticket and their price, then read this article. Here we will discuss Blackpink India Concert 2023 Ticket Price, and more details like booking tickets, contact details, price lists, and so on.

Blackpink India Concert 2023 Ticket Booking & Price – Overview

Article about
  • Blackpink India Concert 2023
  • Ticket Price & Booking for the show
Name of the Music Band  BLACKPINK (Group of the  K-Pop girl)
blackpink tour 2023 locations India (Not Confirmed)
Concert Type World tour ( Bornpink)
Blackpink Concert 2023 Schedule Blackpink Concert 2023 Schedule
Starting from October-November 2023
Last Date of Concert Not Known
Name of the album Pink Venom
BLACKPINK Concert 2023 Starting from October 2023
Second Album Name Born Pink
BLACKPINK World Tour 2023 ticket sale date September 2023
Official Website URL Blackpink Concert 2023 Schedule

Blackpink India Concert 2023 Ticket Booking Online

To book an Online ticket for the Blackpink Concert and World Tour  2023.  All the details regarding this are given below. Follow the below steps for booking tickets:-

  1. Visit the official portal of Blackpink to book a Concert ticket.
  2. You can also click on this link
  3. A home page will open on your screen. Three is an option of Buying a ticket.
  4. We will provide you with a direct link also after the announcement is made regarding the location and venue.
  5. Now, there is a list of venue tickets. Select the venue and Location.
  6. After that, select the number of tickets you want to book for the tour.
  7. Then, you have to make a payment for it to purchase a ticket.
  8. In the end, download the ticket and enjoy your concert tour.

Blackpink India Concert Tickets 2023

The YG Diversion, framed pop music group, Blackpink. It is a South Korean Young girls members’ pop music group containing girls Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa. Recently, they made an announcement about the Blackpink World Tour of 2023, after releasing their album Born Pink. They conduct Born Pink world tours in various countries. They get the RIAA affirmation for their 2018 single “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du” and they also appreciate the ARIA Singles Outlines for “Pink Toxin.” BLACKPINK keeps on delivering top-graphing music and squash world records.

If we look at pop music, North Korean music groups are famous among the world’s youth. We also hear the name BTS, are boys’ pop music group, and now Blackpink, which means Korean music is grabbing space among the Youth of the World. They also conduct your Asia concert, in which they organized a concert in Asian Countries.

Blackpink World Tour 2023 India Concert Ticket Price

As we all know, Blackpink is organizing a World Tour, where they can organize a Blackpink concert. In recent, they have worked in London. All the world tour concerts are conducted in New Zealand. Auckland, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, London, etc. But, now they have not made any announcement for the Indian Concert. So, we are providing you with a ticket price for the different countries’ concerts’ basic fare. These fares are applied as normal. So, look at the below fare price for a Blackpink Indian Concert Ticket Price:-

Description  Price 
Row GA FLOOR 364$
Row GA 371$
Row or Equivalent 372$
Row M
Row J 383$
Row or Equivalent 383$

Note:- All these tickets fare are based on the upcoming London Convcetr ticket, so my friend it is based on their prices. I hope these are not applied to the Indian concert. So, plz wait for the Indian concert announcement. Once, an announcement is made, we will inform you. On the internet there are most sites fake, so do not book any ticket in the name of an Indian Concert.

Blackpink India Concert 2023 Contact Details

In this section, we will tell you about the Blackpink India Concert 2023 contact details. Dear reader, we want to tell you that there are not any phone numbers on the website, that accepts their social media Account. So, we are going to provide you with Blackpink Social Media Profile. All the details are given below:-

Instagram @blackpinkofficial
Official Website
Apple Music

BLACKPINK WORLD TOUR 2023 Concert Tickets Price

As we already mentioned all the ticket prices for the Blackpink concert. the black and pink concert tickets vary at different locations. if the concert is organized in America, it will be different from the concerts conducted in London. It is completely different from other countries. The ticket price is determined by the rules of the Auditorium and the country. So, if you want to know about ticket prices, you must visit the ticket booking website and book a ticket. then, you have to know about the Blackpink Concert 2023 Tickets Prices.

Blackpink World Tour 2023 Countries

Everyone wants to know, which Balckpinkm world tour of 2023 is conducted in countries. So, here is the list look at these and get information about the Countries, where World Tours are conducted:-

  1. Asia Countries 
  2. Australia
  3. Europe
  4. North America
  5. America
  6. England- London, etc.

Blackpink Upcoming Concerts In India

As we all know, all the Indian fans are searching for Blackpink Indian Concerts 2023, there is not any announcement made regarding the Indian Concert so, I will share the details regarding the Blackpink upcoming Concerts in London. read the given details and wait for news regarding Indian concerts.

Date  Time  Location 
WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 30TH, 2023 6:30 PM O2 Arena – London
THURSDAY, DECEMBER 1ST, 2023 6:30 PM O2 Arena – London    –   London, United Kingdom
SUNDAY, JULY 2ND, 2023 2:00 PM Hyde Park – London
London, United Kingdom

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