Bhutan Teer Result 2023, Common Hit Number, Morning & Night Results

Bhutan Teer Result 2023, Common Hit Number, and Morning & Night Results are now available on this page. Are you interested in Bhutan Teer Result 2023? Do you want to know how to check the common hit number for morning and night results? Bhutan Teer Result is a popular game of luck played in Bhutan, and it’s gaining more popularity every day. This article will provide you with all the information you need to know about Bhutan Teer Result 2023 along with common hit numbers, morning and night results, and how to increase your chances of winning.

About Bhutan Teer Result 2023

Let us tell you that Bhutan Teer Result is a game of luck that involves betting on the outcome of two rounds of archery. The game is played every day in Bhutan, and people from all over the world participate in it. The results of the game are declared twice a day, and the players can win a huge amount of money if their bets match the winning numbers. Players earn a profit on winning the game. By guessing the wrong number they have to lose their hard-earned money.

However, the results for Bhutan Thimphu Teer and Night Teer are available on different websites. If you have also applied for the Bhutan Moring Teer 2023 and now want to know the result of Bhutan Teer. Then you are on the right page because here we have mentioned the complete Bhutan Teer Result Details. So, make sure to read the whole blog post to know the result of 2023.

Bhutan Teer Result 2023, Common Hit Number, Morning & Night Results

Overview of Bhutan Teer Result Today 2023

Lottery Name
  1. Bhutan Teer Result 2023
  2. Check Teer Common Hit Number
  3. Teer Bhutan Morning & Night Results
Authorized by Government of Bhutan
Location Bhutan
City Thimphu
Type of Game Lottery Based
1st Prize Amount Rs. 10 lahks (1st Prize)
Date of Result 29 November 2023
1st Round Result Timing 4:30 PM
2nd Round Result Timing 5:30 PM
Teer Result Status Declared Soon (Online Mode)
Post Category Lottery Result

Bhutan Teer Common Hit Number

The Common Hit Number is the number that appears frequently in the winning numbers of Bhutan Teer Result. Players who want to increase their chances of winning can bet on this number. You can check the Common Hit Number for morning and night results by visiting the official website of Bhutan Teer Result. The website provides the winning numbers of the previous games, and you can analyze them to find out the Common Hit Number.

Direct House Ending
17,31 8 4
63 1 3

Bhutan Teer Morning and Night Result Today 2023

As we told you above the Bhutan Teer Result is played twice a day, and the results are declared at different times. The morning results are declared at 11:00 a.m., and the night results are declared at 7:00 p.m. You can check the results on the official website of Bhutan Teer Result or on the local newspapers.

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Bhutan Teer Result 2023 is expected to be more exciting and rewarding than ever before. The game is gaining popularity every day, and more players are participating in it. If you want to participate in Bhutan Teer Result 2023, you should start preparing now. Analyze the previous winning numbers, check the Common Hit Number, and bet wisely.

List of Bhutan Teer Previous Results 29 November 2023 (Updated)

DATE First Round Second Round
29.11.2023 Wait… Wait…
28.11.2023 73 63
27.11.2023 54 06
25.11.2023 24 62
24.11.2023 01 80
23.11.2023 22 44
22.11.2023 93 36
21.11.2023 23 18
20.11.2023 94 86
18.11.2023 15 51
07.11.2023 65 21
06.11.2023 94 49
05.11.2023 47 03
04.11.2023 70 65
03.11.2023 11 23
02.11.2023 59 04
01.11.2023 13 42

Bhutan Teer Results 2023 Previous Month (Old Chart)

DATE First Round Second Round
31.10.2023 22 70
30.10.2023 35 49
29.10.2023 06 27
28.10.2023 22 61
27.10.2023 85 04
26.10.2023 47 28
25.10.2023 82 96
25.10.2023 17 66
23.10.2023 37 78
22.10.2023 22 66
21.10.2023 54 82
20.10.2023 83 23
19.10.2023 81 59
18.10.2023 21 15
17.10.2023 37 23
16.10.2023 99 36
15.10.2023 38 81
15.10.2023 16 00
14.10.2023 37 81
13.10.2023 10 35
12.10.2023 45 42
11.10.2023 17 10
10.10.2023 88 91
09.10.2023 82 50
08.10.2023 20 87
07.10.2023 63 45
06.10.2023 43 50
05.10.2023 37 07
04.10.2023 61 29
03.10.2023 39 86
02.10.2023 40 93
01.10.2023 88 87

Increase Your Chances of Winning in Bhutan Teer Lottery

There is no guaranteed way to win in Bhutan Teer Result, as it’s a game of luck. However, you can increase your chances of winning by analyzing the winning numbers, checking the Common Hit Number, and betting wisely. Don’t bet all your money on one number, and don’t get carried away by emotions. Keep a cool head, and remember that it’s just a game.

Furthermore, Bhutan Teer Result 2023 can be checked on various websites, such as and website. The results are usually declared twice a day, and players can check the results on these websites. In addition, the results are also displayed on the notice board in the Bhutan Teer Counter.

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 What is Bhutan Teer?
Ans. Bhutan Teer is a popular lottery game in Bhutan where players bet on numbers from 00 to 99.

Q.2 What are the Morning and Night Results for Bhutan Teer?
Ans. Bhutan Teer has two rounds each day, one in the morning and one at night. The morning results are announced at around 11:00 AM Bhutan Standard Time (BST), while the night results are announced at around 7:00 PM BST.

Q.3 How can I check the Bhutan Teer Result 2023?
Ans. The Bhutan Teer Result 2023 can be checked online on various websites, including the official website of Bhutan Teer. You can also check the result through SMS by sending an SMS in a specific format to a designated number.

Q.4 Is Bhutan Teer legal?
Ans. Yes, Bhutan Teer is legal in Bhutan and is regulated by the Bhutanese government.

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