BELIFT I-Land Season 3 Audition 2023, Apply Online, Date, Registration Link

BELIFT I-Land Season 3 Audition 2023, Apply Online, Date: As everyone is aware, Belift officially announced the details of the I Land 3 Audition. The K Pop girls made it through this audition and were cast on the show. Now, if you’d like to know everything about the BELIFT I-Land Season 3 Audition 2023, read the complete article below.

According to the most recent information, BELIFT has released a statement regarding the I Land 3 survival show’s impending auditions. The 4th Generation boys group made their television debut in the BELIFT before this season. But, they now intend to create K-pop girls through this next program.

BELIFT I-Land Audition

Beginning in the first half of 2023, this program will begin broadcasting on television. It is common knowledge, the HYBE and CJ ENM work together to generate the BELIFT, which is a joint level. This is a reality survival show where the competitor must struggle to make it through the voyage.

About BELIFT I-Land Audition 2023 Season 3

The first season of I Land 1 is highly well-known and was well-appreciated by the show’s audience. And all of the males who make their television debuts on this program will be the ones to do so in a memorable way.

BELIFT will now bring a female contestant for the current season of the show. So that they can both learn about the development, battle, and eventual debut in the show. We will now give you all the information you need regarding the I- Land Season 3 Audition 2023.

With the assistance of this article, you can learn more about the I-Land Season 2 audition process as well as the eligibility requirements for the program.

Due to Covid constraints, the I Land 3 auditions were conducted online, using real-time video calls. All contestants who wish to take part in this show must complete the final requirement, which is a trip to South Korea.

Now check every single detail that BELIFT has provided for the I Land Season 3 auditions.

Details of BELIFT I Land Season 3 Auditions 2023

  • With the third season of I Land, the girl’s group will make its television debut.
  • Under this program, any girls born between 2000 and 2009 are eligible to apply.
  • The I Land Season 3 online registration, will be available from September 27, through October 10.
  • The Korean Standard serves as the sole basis for the timing of the auditions. 
  • You must fill out the Google Form in order to move on to the next round of the audition.
  • You must upload a video of yourself introducing yourself when filling out the audition form.
  • You must perform a rap, dance, or vocal in this audition video.

I Land Season 3 Audition Eligibility

  1. The nationality has no constraints. You are welcome to participate in this show from anywhere in the world.
  2.  You must appear in all seven of the show’s regions during the first round.
  3. The second round of the competition must occur between October 24, 2023, and November 1, 2023.
  4. The female applicant must have been born between 2000 and 2009.

Category for I Land Season 3 auditions

You must submit an application in the following categories at the time you create the show’s audition video:-

  1. Rap
  2. Dance or
  3. Vocals

Important Dates of I-Land Season 3 Auditions

Events Date
I Land 3 Audition starting Date September 27, 2023
Closing Date October 10, 2023
The second Round begins on 24th October 2023
Final Date November 21, 2023

Venue for the I Land Season 3 Audition

Hence, when it comes to the second round, you must present in the seven locations that were the makers of the show.

  • South Korea
  • Japan
  • Thailand
  •  Vietnam
  • Taiwan
  • US
  • Australia

I Land Season 3 Audition Language

  1. Korean
  2.  English
  3. Japanese
  4. Chinese

I Land 3 Audition Round

The applicants receive a selection message from the show producers in three rounds.

The moment you submit the online Google form, the first round has been completed. You must send the audition video together with the audition form while submitting the audition. You must show up in the designated location for the following round. When they call you online, they will wait for your response.

Every person who receives a call in the third round will probably get the message of their choice for the show.

Online Registration/Application Link for I Land Season 3 Audition in 2023

  1. All candidates who are still interested must now follow the instructions below:
  2. You must first go to the official BELIFT website
  3. The location where you may get the I Land Season 2 Audition Application Form’s link.
  4. You must fill out this application form with personal information.
  5. You must upload your audition video under the appropriate category.
  6. After that, send in all the data.

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  1. Kathrice Lorejo

    Hi, my name is Kathrice Lorejo I’m 16 years old i was born in May 6, 2007 and I’m from Philippines
    My favorite color is purple and black
    My role model is my Mom
    I have 2 puppies
    I have 1 older sister
    I’m the youngest in my family
    My sister is a model
    My old sports is horseback riding and taekwondo
    I learned taekwondo since i was 6-7 years but i quit due to my injury 3 years ago
    I learned horseback riding since i was 2-3 years old since my grandfather is also a horseback rider but i quit 4 years ago to pursue my dream of becoming an idol.

    1. Palesa Mabotja

      She could be a perfect trainee… And she looks talented. I would like to be a trainee with her. 💜💜💜

  2. Sabina Kalejova

    Hi, my name is Sabina I’m 14 year’s old I was
    Born in December 29, 2008 and I’m from Slovakia
    My favorite color is purple and green
    I can speak three language ,Slovakian , English and my native language. Wich is Romanes I like to read , draw and I really love kpop I always wanted to be a singer I love music everytime I listen to music it’s like all my problems disappear I hope that one day I make my dream come true first I wanted to become an architect but that’s not what my heart’s want.

  3. Palesa Mabotja

    Hi my name is Palesa Mabotja.. But in English it’s Rose Teller. I was born March 15 2009 in South Africa limpopo
    My Role model is the South Korean singer Jeon Jungkook.
    My talents are : singing, dancing, Acting, and Acting.
    I can also start my own dance chores.
    I wanna join this reality show… So I can show off my talents. I can talk my native language, English and I’m also still learning Korean and Japanese. I have 1 older brother and 4 siblings my father is a soccer coach. I danced sinse I was
    4 yrs old. My younger sister is a ballet dancer.
    I’ve always wanted to be a kpop idol sinse I was I think this time I wanna be one.

  4. Hi. My name’s Angel. I was born on 2010, November 28. I can do an all rounder position, singing , rapping as well as dancing. I’m also good at drawing . My desire to become a kpop idol has grown a lot . I practice to dance , sing and rap everyday. I wish I could debut as one of the top idol of the world .

  5. Astrid Centeno

    Hola. Mi nombre es Astrid Centeno . Nací el 23 de julio del 2009 . Soy de Honduras. Mi color favorito es el morado y el negro yo hablo dos idiomas inglés y mi idioma nativo me gusta leer y me encantaria ser cantante de kpop siempre práctico sobre los bailes y el idioma ami me gusta las música de enseñanza aser alguien mejor. Y tengo tres hermanos esta el mayor que tiene una hija y está la que le sigue que esta EEUU con su familia y esta la pequeña que me sigue ami espero que mi sueño se me aga realidad solo confío en Dios es que que me va ayudar este sueño que quiero que se me cumpla y tengo tres mascotas mi primer era convertirme en cantante

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