Bareilly Birth Certificate Apply Online, Download Janam Praman Patra and Hindi PDF Form Download

Birth Certificate Bareilly Nagar Nigam: Online Registration, Fees Details, Required Documents, Track Status & Download Hindi PDF Form -: A birth certificate is a crucial piece of documentation that is issued by the Bareilly authorities. It is employed in works and documents produced by both public and private entities. The Bareilly Municipal Corporation is responsible for issuing birth certificates. Using the e-Services website, you may apply online and get the UP Birth Certificate or UP Janam Praman Patra

This page outlines the procedure for obtaining birth certificates in Uttar Pradesh, as well as for verifying their status. Because you may now download the UP birth certificate from home and monitor the progress of its application, you won’t need to attend government offices again. Utilize the Uttar Pradesh e-Sarthi Portal to download, check the status, and apply for birth certificates.

💡 Table of Contents (TOC)

  1. Steps for Applying a Birth Certificate in Bareilly
  2. Imp Documents for a Birth Certificate Bareilly
  3. UP Birth Certificate Registration Fees & Penalty
  4. Apply for a UP Birth Certificate in Person (Offline)
  5. Online Download a Birth Certificate in Bareilly
  6. Final Words About Bareilly Birth Certificate

1. Steps for Applying a Birth Certificate Online in Bareilly

Bareilly Birth Certificate Apply Online Download Janam Praman Patra and Hindi PDF Form Download

If you also want to register a birth in Uttar Pradesh, then the procedure is available online. For UP Birth Certificate Registration in Bareilly, you must follow the below-given procedure. Fill in the complete form and submit it with the documents. We’ll provide you with the list of important documents in the next section. 

  1. 👉 Visit the Bareilly Civil Registration System‘s Birth and Death Registration webpage if you wish to register a child’s birth in the district online. Upon opening this page, select General Public Signup“.
  2. 👉 Now, complete all fields, including Date of Birth,” “State Name Selection,” “District Name,” “Village/City Name,” etc., from the list under the relevant categories.
  3. 👉 Once everything is filled out, press Register. After entering the birth date, create an Acknowledgment Number so that you can proceed. You must complete the form’s information needs in full.

You must send the completed application form to the appropriate department together with all required supporting documentation. Your application will be finished in this manner. The complete procedure is also available on the official website of Birth Registration for Bareilly Municipal Corporation at

2. Imp Documents for a Birth Certificate Bareilly

For the registration of UP birth certificates, you may also apply online. Anyone may request a birth certificate online while seated at home. If you wish to apply online, first check out the detailed instructions on this page, which are listed above. A birth certificate verifies a person’s age, birthplace, and birthdate.

  1. 👉 Child’s name
  2. 👉 Born on [date]
  3. 👉 Location of birth
  4. 👉 Address for parents
  5. 👉 Medical records (if any)
  6. 👉 Certificate of Asha Didi or Anganwadi (if any)

A birth certificate is regarded as a highly essential document. You require a birth certificate to create any kind of official government document. In Uttar Pradesh, a birth certificate is a document that is highly important to the family.

3. UP Birth Certificate Registration Fees & Penalty

Newborns must be registered in the state or Union Territory where they were born within 21 days of the occurrence. At the time of registration, the applicant may opt not to include their name. However, they may do so within a year. If registration is not completed within the allotted period, the local authority in question will not provide the certificate until the police have verified it and assessed a late filing fee.

  • 👉 In the event that the registration is put off for more than a year, it must be finished at the health department’s main office or a neighborhood ward office close to the place of birth.
  • 👉 The Registration of the “Birth and Death Act, 1969 Act” makes it explicit that local authorities must provide free birth certificates for births recorded within 21 days of the event.
  • 👉 Information submitted to the authorities after 21 days but within one month is subject to a ₹2 penalty for late registration, and the application must follow the format specified.

See details carefully for birth certificates in Bareilly given in the above section. Read the guidelines carefully and check the penalty in case of late registration of birth in UP. The applicants can pay it using various payments mode online and offline. Get the complete details regarding the guidelines, rules/regulations, terms, and conditions on the page.

4. Apply for a UP Birth Certificate in Person (Offline)

A Nagar Nigam service center or the hospital where your kid was delivered are other options for those to get a UP birth certificate who find the online application process difficult. Due to government employees’ somewhat sluggish work pace, you must visit these offices every day. As a result, your job requires that you go there every day.

This isn’t the case with online registration, though. This is something you can do at the office or home. The progress of your application will be seen in real-time when you visit an online page; all you need to do is log in and enter your registration or acknowledgment number.

To apply for the birth certificate in Bareilly through offline mode, you need to download the application form. Download the application form through the below-provided link and submit it to the respective office with all the supporting documents.

👉 Download UP Birth Certificate PDF Application Form 👈

5. Online Download a Birth Certificate in Bareilly

In case you are not able to get the birth certificate by post at your home, in that case, you can also download it from the official website. To download a Birth Certificate in Bareilly you must require the application form number. Follow the instructions below to download a birth certificate copy online in Uttar Pradesh state:

  • 👉 Go to the official website,, open it, and choose “Main Menu” before choosing “Citizen Services,” “Birth Certificate,” and then “Download.”
  • 👉 Following that, you may use the registration number that was given to you at the time of registration to search or track the status of your certificate.
  • 👉 By entering your registration number, you may check the status of your application whenever you like.
  • 👉 There is no need for you to visit the registration office again in the future. Your birth certificate’s status is available online.

That concludes our discussion about downloading birth certificates from Uttar Pradesh. In Uttar Pradesh, a birth certificate is a crucial piece of paperwork. Both official and unofficial work need the submission of this document. Birth registries offer formal and long-lasting documentation of a baby’s existence.

6. Final Words About Bareilly Birth Certificate

In Uttar Pradesh, like in other states, it is required to register a child’s birth. A birth certificate must be obtained as identifying documentation before one may use government benefits and services. It is no longer necessary for you to often visit government offices as you can now download the UP birth certificate and monitor the status of your application on the e-Services website.

Information on how to obtain a birth certificate is available at the UP e-district project’s official website and also at the portal. The site has created a section from which applicants may download the request form and submit it through the state’s subsequent formal process using this facility.

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