Top 10 Famous Assamese Actress Name List with Photos 2023 [Updated]

Top 10 Famous Assamese Actress Name List with Photos 2023 details available in this blog. Do you ever watch Assamese Movies, if yes, then you are sure about their actress’s beauty. This actress is well-known for her beauty, charm, and hotness. So, in this article, we will decide to provide information about the updated list of Top 10 Famous Assamese Actress Name with Photos. Read this post till the end.

Assamese Actress Name List With Photos 2023

As we all know, Many Film industry actresses are famous and viral on the internet for their attractive personalities, beauty, Charming and Hot figures. In the same way, Assamese actresses are also trending nowadays in Indian Traditional Outfits. So, many people have searched about the Assamese Actress Name List. The Assamese movie industry is one of the growing movie industries in India. Many Indians love to watch Assamese Movies and TV Shows and they also search for various actresses and their beautiful photos.

Top 10 Famous Assamese Actress Name List with Photos 2023 [Updated]

However, the most popular movies of Assam like It’s a Long Way to the Sea (1995),  Halodhia Choraye Baodhan Khai Sri Raghupati, and so on. But, the main factor of this movie is just not the best script, it’s also about that beautiful actress, who attracts a large audience to movies. So, we will provide a List of Famous Assamese Actress Names with Photos in 2023 as per acting, charisma, attractiveness, and hotness.

Top 10 Famous Assamese Actress Name List with Photos

In this section, you will get the Latest & updated list of the TOP 10 Assamese Actress Name With Photos. So, check out the details below:-

1. Deeplina Deka:

A person with a multi-talented Assamese Actress and singer named Deeplina Deka. She belongs to Guwahati, Assam and she has the wast fan base. She is an actress and singer from Assam. Deeplina is an electrical engineering degree holder. She made her debut with Mission China.

Image of Deeplina Deka

2. Barasha Rani Bishaya:

One of the most famous Assamese actresses in India, Barsha Rani Bishaya is known for her performance in theatre, Cinema and many TV shows and series. She is a member of the Mobile Theatre Group Of Assam. Apart from acting, she is also a Bihu dancer in Assam. She also works in Telefims. She made her first debut Joubone Aamoni Kore (1998).

Image of Barsha Rani Bishaya

3. Aimee Baruah:

Well-known personality Aimee Baruah is an Indian actress, producer, and director. Aimee Baruah is a National Film Award-winning actor-director whose directorial debut, the Dimasa language film “Semkhor,” not only garnered criticism domestically and abroad. It also won two National Awards at the 68th National Film Awards. Her first film debut as actress is Prem Aru Prem(2002) and her famous movies are  Kadamtole Krishna Nache(2005), Jetuka Pator Dore (2011),  Karma Ke Rati(2013),  Nijanor Gaan(2018), Pratighaat (2019) Semkhor(2021)

Image of Aimee Baruah

4. Fairy Priya Ahmed:

Fairy Priya Ahmed is one of the famous actresses in India, who mainly works in Assamese Movies. She is known for her performance in movies and TV Shows. Her famous movie is Fairy Priya Ahmed is known for Raja Returns (2018), Khalnayika (2017) and Gangs of North East (2017).

Image of Fairy Priya Ahmed

5. Amrita Gogoi:

One of the top Assamese actors Amrita Gogoi is an Indian film and television actress who works in the Assamese film industry. She made her debut Ahetuk, in 2015. Her fmaous movies are  Ahetuk( 2015), Konwarpurar Konwar (2017), Dur(2107), Soygaonor Champa (2017), Nijanor Gaan(2018), Ipare Hipare (2018), Pratighat(2019) and Rhino Express(2022).

Image of Amrita Gogoi

6.Parineeta Borthakur:

Famous Actress Parineeta Borthakur is an Indian film and television actress and singer from Assam. She is known for playing Sharmishta Bose in Swaragini, Anjana Hooda in Bepannah, and Ganga Shiv Gupta in the Gupta Brothers. She made her debut with  Nayak (2001). She is known for her work in The Underworld, Gaane Ki Aane (2016), Bepannah (2018), and Swaragini: Jodein Rishton Ke Sur (2015).

Image of Parineeta Borthakur

7. Sukanya Rajguru:

One of the Top Assamese actresses Sukanya Rajguru mainly works in Assam songs, Movies, and TV shows. She made her debut Assamese serial, Pratigya. She admits that it is Prastuti Parashar who gave her a chance to take a role in “Pratigya”.She also said in an interview that she is satisfied more when her mother becomes happy seeing her performance either in the stage drama or in the film role.

Image of Sukanya Rajguru

8. Prasturti Parashar: 

Prastuti Porasor is an actress from the Assam film industry. She has acted in several Assamese movies and stage dramas. She started her acting career aged around 5 years old through a serial named Barnali in Doordarshan Guwahati. She made her debut Assamese film Bani Das’s Maharathi, which was released in 1999.

Image of Prastuti Porasor

9. Pretty Kongana:

Pretty Kongana is a popular Assamese film actress, who works in many popular movies. Pretty Kangana is known for Sri Raghupati (2023), Ardhangini (2019), and Gogoi Da – Simanta Shekhar, ft. Preety Kongana (2017). She is married to Simanta Shekhar. They have one child. She was previously married to Simanta Shekhar.

Image of Pretty Kongana

10. Kalpana Kalita: 

Kalpana Kalita is an Indian actor who mainly works in Assam Movies. She is associated with the 2018 Assamese movie Dham Dhama Dham. Popular Movies. Kalpana Kalita is known for Midnight Song (2021), Dham Dhama Dham (2018) and Tumi Muk Faki Dila (2018).

Image of Kalpana Kalita

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