Arunachal Teer Lottery Result 2023 Today, Previous List, FR SR Number

Arunachal Teer Lottery Result 2023 Today, Previous List, FR SR Number:- Players that play the lottery are taking a chance and depending on their luck. In order to determine the winner of the lottery, numbers are drawn at random. The Teer Lottery is a well-known lottery in the Indian state of Arunachal. Additionally, the Arunachal Teer game is played every day in two rounds, the First Round (FR) at 5:30 PM and the Second Round (SR) at 6:30 PM. You should continue reading if you’re interested in playing this game and want to know the Arunachal TEER Lottery Results along with FR/ SR Common Hit Numbers. Keep on reading this article ahead.

Arunachal Teer Lottery Result 2023

Participants can also view the most recent updates of the Common Numbers, Target Numbers, and Teer Counter Details for the Arunachal Teer here. We have included the Table for the Arunachal Teer Results as well as the Old Results List. For participants, this lottery is just another game of chance that depends on luck. As a result, the lottery also features a prize draw using random numbers. Fans of the Arunachal Teer Lottery can now quickly view the current and previous results.

Despite the controversy, Arunachal Teer continues to thrive as a popular game in the region, with numerous individuals enjoying the excitement it offers and the opportunity to win some money. It holds a special place as a unique and traditional game deeply rooted in the culture and history of Arunachal Pradesh, and it is likely to remain a beloved pastime for many years to come. To know more about Arunachal Teer Today’s Results, previous results, and the first/ second round’s common number, keep scrolling down below.

Arunachal Teer Result for Today’s Game – Overview

Name of Game Arunachal Teer
Game Type Lottery
Game Mode Offline
State Arunachal Pradesh
Country India
Teer Game Status All Days
Timing 5:30 PM & 6:30 PM
Category Teer Result
Official Website Link Click Here

Arunachal Teer Lottery Game – How to Pay?

The Arunachal Teer game is quite enjoyable and easy to play. Arunachal Pradesh residents enjoy playing the game with utmost zeal. The game is played using the same strategy for all three counters. You must place a bid between 00 and 99 at each of the three counters.

  1. The initial phase of the game commences at 5:15 PM, and the results are published on the internet at 5:30 PM. At 6:15 PM, the second round of the game begins, followed by the uploading of results at 6:30 PM.
  2. Arunachal Teer is a well-known game originating from the northeastern state of Arunachal Pradesh in India. It involves a form of betting based on archery, where participants place bets on the number of arrows hitting a target.
  3. The game is conducted twice daily, with one round held in the morning and another in the afternoon.
  4. Each round involves shooting a predetermined quantity of arrows at a circular target typically made of hay or straw.
  5. The target is divided into sections, each representing a number ranging from 1 to 100.

Players wager on the number of arrows that will strike the target. As an example, if a player places a bet on the number 7 and precisely seven arrows hit the target, that player will be declared the victor. The payout ratio differs for each number and is established by the organizers of the game.

Common Number for Arunachal Teer Game

Direct House Ending
64 6 3
85 9 2

The game has become well-liked in different regions of India, drawing participants from a wide range of backgrounds. It serves as a source of entertainment and a means of livelihood for many individuals in the region.

Nevertheless, the game has also faced criticism, with some individuals condemning it for promoting gambling and addiction. To regulate the game, the government of Arunachal Pradesh has imposed taxes and limitations on the number of rounds played each day.

Shillong Teer Dream, Common & Target Hit Numbers

Arunachal Teer Result 2023

  •  Date             FR              Sr
  •  19/05/23-     xx              xx
  •  18/05/23-     53              98
  •  17/05/23-     89              67
  •  16/05/23-     04              75
  •  15/05/23-     11              41
  •  14/05/23-     57              35
  •  13/05/23-     71              84
  •  12/05/23-     68              43
  •  11/05/23-     38              65
  •  10/05/23-     61              89
  •  09/05/23-     54              94
  •  08/05/23-     85              20
  •  07/05/23-     27              16
  •  06/05/23-     50              03
  •  05/05/23-     91              39
  •  04/05/23-     33              01
  •  03/05/23-     89              26
  •  02/05/23-     09              46
  •  01/05/23-     72              76

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