Amrit Udyan Ticket Booking Online 2023, Entry Price, Timing

Amrit Udyan Ticket Booking Online 2023, Entry Price, Timing: The government of India has authoritatively retitled Mughal Garden Amrit Udyan. Suppose you want to go there and see green attractiveness. In that case, you can do Amrit Udyan Online Ticket Booking 2023 by going to the certified website of the Rashtrapati Sachivalaya, which is available at Scroll down to learn the price, entry time, and other particulars.

About Amrit Udyan Ticket Booking Online 2023

The Mughal Garden, now retitled Amrit Udyan by the Government of India, is open for the people from January 31, 2023. Now anyone can go and wander here and make their hearts pleased by watching the natural prettiness. This year Amrit Udyan is open for individuals only till March 26, 2023. Suppose you want to go there and see a natural exquisiteness. In that case, you have to book tickets online before the last date by going to the certified website of the Rashtrapati Sachivalaya.

Amrit Udyan is open six days a week. If you want to visit here, you can do Amrit Udyan Online Ticket Booking 2023 with the aid of the certified website for any day except Monday. The opening time of Amrit Udyan is 10:00 am, and it is open till 5:00 pm. The public start getting entry as soon as the garden opens, and the last time to gain access is 4:00 pm. Individuals arriving after that do not get entrance inside Amrit Udyan.

Amrit Udyan Ticket Booking Online

Key Details for Amrit Udyan Online Ticket Booking 2023

Open 31 January 2023
Close 26 March 2023
Venue Amrit Udyan (previously Mughal Garden)
Location Rashtrapati Bhavan, Delhi
Opening Time 10:00 am
Closing Time 05:00 pm
Entry Time 8 am to 4 pm
Ticket Price Free
Opening Days Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday
Ticket Booking Online Click Here
Official Website

Amrit Udyan Entry Timings

The attractiveness of the Amrit Udyan is such that it enthralls anyone’s mood. Here you will see a diversity of beautiful flowers and natural beauty. Amrit Udyan will be open on all days of the week except Mondays from January 31 to March 26, 2023. You will get entry to wander inside the Amrit Udhyan from gate number 35 at 10:00 am. If you arrive at Amrit Udyan anytime between 10:00 am to 4:00 pm after booking a ticket online, you can get entry to see natural beauty. Because, after 4:00 pm, the gate closes, and by 5:00 pm, all the visitors must come out of the garden.

If you are going to Amrit Udyan, remember that taking food and drink inside the garden is forbidden, apart from this. You cannot take any such thing which is shrill. There is also a prohibition on carrying big-size bags. Only small-size bags can be accepted inside this garden. Apart from this, carrying ladies’ purses is also not permissible.

Ticket price of Amrit Udyan

There is no need to pay even ₹ 1 to book tickets online to visit Amrit Udyan. There is no requirement to pay for access to wander inside Amrit Udyan. Anyone visiting to see nature can enter by showing a reliable photo identities card such as an Aadhaar or college school ID card. Booking the tickets online from the certified website is compulsory, and otherwise, you won’t get entry.

Procedure to do Amrit Udyan Online Ticket Booking 2023

Online ticket booking for visiting Amrit Udyan can be made through the authorized website of the Rashtrapati Sachivalaya. You must book tickets today to get entry. Keep in mind that it is compulsory to book online tickets at least one day before going to Amrit Udyan.

  1. Go to the authorized website of the Rashtrapati Sachivalaya at
  2. Please find a selection of THE GARDENS (CIRCUIT 3) and hit on it.
  3. Now, you are required to click the selection of Plan Your Visit.
  4. Click on the selection of Book Now, and you will see this selection under the segment of the Booking for Udyan Utsav 2023.
  5. Now, you will see a ‘Click here for online booking’ selection and hit on it. Select group type as Separate Group(Max. 30) or School/College (Max. 50) and then fill in the number of men and women and click on the Next button to finish your booking.

The Specialty of Amrit Udyan

The Amrit Udyanis one of the exclusive and distinct gardens you have yet to see. Gathering flowers of dissimilar types and air with perfume profoundly inspires you. There are lots of magnetism in the garden. Their list is given below:

  • A Large Variety Of Tulips
  • Beautiful Roses
  • Flower Carpets
  • Water Fountains Everywhere
  • Purifying Plants

Essential Information for Amrit Udyan

In this segment, we will share tips for going to Amrit Udyan. These instructions aid you in visiting Amrit Udyan. Look at the below instructions:

  1. The best time to visit the Amrit Udyanis during the commemoration time. Because this time, Amrit Udyanlooks diverse.
  2. You should check the timing and date of the centenary online before visiting the garden.
  3. You must know all about the timing and date of the commemoration before going to the garden because it aids you in booking tickets online.
  4. You must submit your possessions like water bottles, briefcases, and bags before ingoing the garden. So, be conscious and leave your valuables stuff at home.
  5. Keep in mind that, there, you have nothing to pay for the price of the tickets.
  6. You are not permitted to touch or pluck any flower in the garden.

Contact Details of Amrit Udyan

Here, we will share some particulars regarding the Amrit Udyan Contact Particulars. All this data is necessary when you are going to plan your visit to the Amrit Udyan. These contact particulars aid you with customer provision and other website problems with ticket booking:

  • Address: Rashtrapati Bhavan, New Delhi – 110 004
  • E-Mail ID: [email protected]
  • Contact number: 011 23015321

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