AMC LIG Housing Scheme 2023-24 PMAY-EWS Apply Online, Draw Result

Greetings, dear readers for those who are less fortunate economically, the federal government has started a new program. The Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) has started the Pradhanmantri Aawas Yojana for economically underprivileged groups. If you had had a house, you wouldn’t have needed to pay rent. Your confidence will increase if you buy a home. The housing effort of the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation is one of the initiatives that will inspire faith in you. You may find information on the AMC LIG Housing Scheme 2023, including the application form, eligibility requirements, and online application.

AMC LIG Housing Scheme 2023

Low-income individuals were given priority when developing this new initiative (LIG). As everyone knows, having a place to call home is essential for survival. As part of the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana, AMC has announced a new housing scheme for EWS and LIG families.

Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, which was established in July 1950, is one of the oldest municipal corporations. This corporation, which is in charge of the whole civic infrastructure and administration of Ahmedabad City, was established following the 1949 Bombay Provincial Company Act. The main objectives of AMC were to create a vibrant, tranquil, and industrious city that also preserved the environment and was clean and safe. This company will improve living conditions and provide people with fulfilling lives.

Through this scheme, you can build your own home while getting financial aid from the government. In this essay, we will go through every detail of this strategy. The AMC LIG Housing Program application form, eligibility conditions, required documents, and the application process are all covered in great depth on this website.

Features of the AMC Housing Scheme

The following are the main elements of the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation’s Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana:

  1. If a candidate wants to apply under a reserved category, they must attach a document at the time of application verifying their caste.
  2. If the candidate is blind or incapacitated, a certified copy must be attached.
    This paper has been certified by the civil surgeon who explained the nature of the respected person’s impairment.
  3. At least 50% of the applicant will get benefits in the case of a disability.
  4. I have a responsibility to the applicant to make sure that all of their information is correct and clear.
    Per person, I will only accept one application.
  5. Any deposits made will be completely forfeited.
  6. You must include accurate information on the application form.
  7. If an application is not complete, it may be rejected.

AMC LIG Housing Scheme Online Application Form

You must follow the steps described below to apply for the AMC LIG Housing Scheme. Follow the instructions:-

  • You can submit an application for the AMC LIG Housing Scheme at, which is the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation’s official website.
    You must choose one of the several service categories for housing projects from the website’s list of services.
  • Through this category, you can submit an online application for PMAY-EWS and LIG.
  • You must click on it to be sent to a new page.
  • To access this page, you must log in.
  • You can log in by providing your mobile number and hitting the login button
  • Your registered mobile number will thereafter receive an OTP.
  • Click the login button after opening the OTP page in your browser.
  • The application form is visible.
  • You can now see the form’s mention of crucial information.
  • You can now begin the application process.

AMC LIG Housing Scheme Apply Online

  1. Selecting a category to which you belong is the first step.
  2. The following categories are available: scheduled caste, scheduled tribe, another backward group, blind/handicapped, defense, and general.
  3. Selecting a program to apply to, such as EWS or LIG, is the next step.
  4. You next need to provide information about yourself, such as your first name, middle name, and last name.
  5. Details regarding the joint application must be included in the following area.
  6. In that situation, you might add your wife’s name or your mother’s or father’s name. Likewise, give the specifics.
  7. You must state your marital status in the subsequent area.
  8. Your communication address is now provided. the pin code, area, city, state, and house number are all listed.
  9. Now type in your postal address.
  10. Select the alternative if your permanent address and correspondence address is the same.
  11. The applicant’s age, the household members’ cellphone numbers, and their email addresses should all be entered.
  12. The applicant’s occupation, address, and pin code are used in the subsequent section.
  13. Information about the residence the applicant presently occupies.
  14. This offers the alternatives of property, an ancient house, and a rental home.
  15. You must give address and residence proof in the following part, with one piece of evidence containing a photo and the other one containing the address of the dwelling.
  16. Pick a valid form of identification, such as an Aadhar card, a driver’s license, or a passport number.
  17. The applicant’s preferences must now be taken into account as you choose a location and a location code in the section that follows.
  18. Specify the zip codes for nine different locations.
  19. Include the nominee’s name, contact information, and connection to the application in the news item where it will appear.
  20. The following papers must be submitted in the next section: copies of your Aadhar card, an e-bank canceled check, your Sogand Naamaa, as well as your income certificate, caste certificate, domicile proof, and supporting documentation.
  21. You must accept the terms and conditions after submitting all the required information.
  22. Fill out the form cost and deposit amount after that.
  23. Additionally, pick your payment method.
  24. There are two choices once you enter the captcha code. Save as a draught before submitting your application.
  25. You may save the modifications as a draught if you decide to make them.
  26. If you have completed all the fields, click “submit an application.” Your registration procedure is now complete after you pay the application cost.

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